5 Highly Effective Tips for Writing Under Pressure!


tips for writing under pressure


If you are a professional writer, you would most likely know the pressures associated with the job. Whether you are writing content for a website or writing a manuscript for your very first book, there will always be pressure involved. You may have problems with your editor, you may have deadlines to meet or you could be suffering from writer’s block. Whatever your specific problem may be, it goes without saying that you will need to know how to write under pressure.

Here are 5 highly effective tips for writing under pressure.


1. Know that setbacks are part of the job

When you start your writing career you would think that it would be a walk in the park. But once you start writing, you’ll soon notice that it is quite stressful. You could be working as a content writer or writing your very first manuscript, but setbacks are still a possibility. Your editor may be difficult to work with, or you can’t seem to get started on the writing process. These setbacks can really stress you out, and this is understandable. But if you want to keep working as a writer, you should understand that setbacks are a part of the job, and if you want to achieve great things you should know how to handle them.


2. Don’t think of criticism as a personal attack

Aside from setbacks, you should also know that criticism is a normal occurrence in the life of a writer. Your editor may not like content you wrote, or your test audience does not like your manuscript.  Whether you are a veteran writer or a newbie criticism still hurts. But you should never take criticism as a personal attack against you. Instead you should consider them as keys to improvement. Take note of the comments and decide whether they are warranted. Writers can be very biased about their own work. So it is always a good thing that you have brutally honest critics. It will ultimately help you grow as a writer.



3. Have an efficient writing schedule

One of the main reasons why some writers struggle is a lack of a writing schedule. Remember that being a writer is a fulltime job, and if you don’t know how to manage your time, you will definitely have a hard time getting any work done. You may think that because you are a full-time writer, you can just sit back and relax. You feel that you can just start on a writing project at a moment’s notice. But you should remember that the writing process takes time and effort. You won’t always be in the mood to write, and once you do, you’ll already have accumulated a lot of work. This is a worst case scenario for most writers, because writers can’t make great work if they are being rushed. So take the time to set up a writing schedule for yourself. It can be early in the morning, or late in the evening it does not really matter. What matters is that you can follow it on a consistent basis.


4. Don’t be too proud to ask for help

Writers can be quite stubborn. This is because we are quite proud of our work, and we strive hard to perfect our craft. But pride should never stop you from reaching your full potential. So if you feel that you are lacking something in your craft, or if you feel that you can improve in some way, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can reach out to a more established writer, and ask for help. You could also ask family and friends to read your work, and give their unbiased opinions. It might be hard to have other people systematically break down your work, but it will help you grow as a writer in the long run.

5. Take it easy on yourself

If you are a professional writer, it is very easy to get pressured to meet a deadline or create great work. This is a feeling that many writers feel, and while it could push you to be a better writer, it may also weigh down on you during the writing process. As a rule, it is important that you take it easy on yourself. Don’t feel pressured to create great work right out of the bat. Give yourself time to grow, and enjoy the professional writer’s life.



As a professional writer, you should understand that pressure is part of the job. If you want to succeed as a writer, you should know how to handle the pressure. With these tips, you’ll be able to effectively handle the pressure as a professional writer.


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