Which Writing Genre is best for you? Here is a quick look at each one

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If you are thinking of writing a book of your very own, you should make sure to choose the right genre to write. Remember that there are a lot of great genres out there, and while they vary in popularity, they are all deserving of being written for.

However, before you start writing for any genre, you should at least know about each one.

Here is a quick look at some writing genres that you could write for.


Fiction and Non-fiction books

Before we delve into the many kinds of book genre, we should know that there are two main kinds of book genre. These are the fiction and non-fiction genre. The fiction genre is made up of books that stem from the author’s imagination. These kinds of books don’t need to be based on facts or statistics.

Non-fiction books on the other hand are based on facts. These kinds of books need a great deal of research, and if there are any factual mistakes, you may get called out by readers.



  • Fantasy

When it comes to fiction, the fantasy fiction genre is by far one of the most popular.  It is a very far ranging genre because it could encapsulate mythological, magical and even supernatural concepts.

  • Science fiction

The science fiction genre has many similarities to fantasy because you will be doing, a lot of world building, which is perfect for a book series. The only difference is that science fiction uses scientific, technological, and futuristic tropes.

  • Historical fiction

While this type of fiction is deeply rooted in historical facts, you don’t really need to write about actual historical characters. However, you will need to be accurate with dates, places, and the names of historical figures.

  • Literary fiction

This is a very broad genre and usually covers a wide range of topics. However, the genre usually exhibits the author’s writing style, and a specific outlook on a topic.

  • Crime Thriller

The crime thriller genre is centered on stories of crimes and the sleuths that solve them. If you are going to write in this genre, it is important that you are detailed and build up the intrigue as the story goes on.

  • Horror

If you like to write scary stories, then the horror genre is a perfect option for you. The horror genre is very popular, and gives you the freedom to write about various concepts. What’s important is that your story is memorable, and of course scary.

  • Romance

As the name implies, this genre uses romantic concepts and settings to draw in readers. The genre is usually centered on the main character’s romantic relationships.  The genre is very interesting to write because you could add many themes, such as history, mystery, or even supernatural tropes to the story.



  • Memoir

This kind of non-fiction is seen through the perspective of the author and shows a specific part of his or her life. A memoir does not really need to chronologically follow the author’s life. It could jump from one aspect of the author’s life to another. What’s important is that it follows a consistent theme throughout the memoir.

Memoirs are a great way to show off your artistry and a little bit of yourself to the world. Here are 4 quick but effective tips for writing a memoir.


  • Self-help

This is a very popular genre and espouses the concept of self-improvement. This genre is very broad because it could cover topics such as finances, physical health, and so many more.

  • Politics

This genre’s main goal is to educate readers on a specific or broad range of political ideas. This genre could also focus on specific political figures, just as long as their political views are also addressed.

  • History

This genre focuses on specific historical events and figures. If you’re going to write in this genre, you should make sure to do a great deal of research and ensure that every aspect of your work is as accurate as possible.

  • Food

If you are interested in the culinary arts and want to write a cookbook of your very own, then the food genre is a great option. Aside from writing a cookbook, you could also write food reviews.


When it comes to choosing a genre to write in, it is important that you know each of its characteristics. Remember that all genres are worth writing for; however, you should choose one that you could build your writing career on. With this article, you’ll be able to choose the right genre for you.

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