7 Reasons Why You Should Self-Publish with Writers Republic

why self-publish with writers republic


In this day and age, self-publishing has become quite commonplace. Which is quite surprising because decades ago, self-publishing was considered a bad investment because it was deemed too difficult and overly expensive. But with self-publishing technology, writers could now self-publish without having to risk too much. And in the past few years, self-publishing companies have sprung up to help authors who wish to self-publish. One such self-publishing company is Writers Republic. But what separates Writers Republic from the rest? What makes it so special? Why should you work with Writers Republic?


Here are 7 Reasons why you should self-publish with

Writers Republic.


1. Smooth and efficient publishing process

One of the best things about Writers Republic is the relative ease with which you could publish your book. By signing up with Writers Republic, you will no longer have to struggle to get your book signed up or have to wait for a go ahead from a book editor. By signing up with Writers Republic, you can get started right away, no questions asked. And seeing as Writers Republic is a bona fide publishing house, you will definitely have the best help possible.


2. 24 hour author assistance

Writers Republic employs a myriad of highly trained publishing agents. Anyone who signs up with Writer Republic will be assigned a publishing agent who will cater to the client author’s every publishing need. With the help of these well trained and motivated publishing agents, you will be able to navigate the publishing process in the most effective and efficient way possible.


3. Professional publishing team

The publishing house firmly believes in quality work. This is why the company hires a roster of highly trained and experienced publishing professionals. The publishing team ranges from book editors, layout designers, book cover designers, illustrators and book marketing specialists to name but a few. It goes without saying that your book will be in good hands.


4. Online bookshop

One of the biggest setbacks of self-publishing a book of your very own, is the fact that it can be very difficult to get your book into the traditional brick and mortar bookstores. But with Writers Republic, you won’t really have to worry about it too much. With Writers Republic’s online bookshop, you can now market your book online, and no longer face rejection from the traditional bookstores.


5. Innovative services

The company knows full well how unpredictable the book publishing process could be. This is why the company takes great pains to create as many innovative services as possible. Each service has been painstakingly researched and designed for the best possible publishing results. The services also have various price ranges to fit any aspiring author’s budget.


6. Multifaceted marketing platforms

The company knows very well how difficult the book marketing process could be. It can be very volatile and there is really no way of knowing whether you will succeed or not. This is why the company has various book marketing services and connections at the ready. Should you sign up with Writers Republic, you will have access to great book marketing platforms, and even have your very own author website. You will also have connections to some of the best book retailers and aggregators in the business. Overall, working with Writers Republic is a great way to start your professional writing career.


7. Helpful Blog Articles

Aside from the 24-hour assistance, Writers Republic also has dozens of helpful blog articles that will make the self-publishing process a lot easier. These articles are written by self-publishing experts and consultants that know how the industry works. The articles offer a myriad of tips that will not only help you self-publish your work, but also enhance your overall skill set as a writer.


If you are going to self-publish a book of your very own, you should make sure that you get the best help possible. Luckily, with established companies such as Writers Republic, you’ll be able to self-publish your book the right way.