5 Great Tips for Writing a Truly Engrossing

Suspense Novel!

tips for writing a truly engrossing suspense novel


If you’re a fan of the suspense genre, you would understandably have a dream of writing your very own suspense novel. And why not? Writing a suspense novel is a worthy endeavor, and who knows? it might be the start of a lucrative publishing deal. But as worthwhile as it can be, writing a truly unique suspense novel can be quite a challenge. This is because there are a myriad of suspense novels coming out of the woodwork. And if you want to make an impact with potential readers, you should have a plan.


Here are 5 Great tips for writing a truly engrossing

suspense novel.


1. Come up with a unique cast of characters

One of the most important aspects of writing a truly noteworthy suspense novel, is making up a unique cast of characters. This is because your readers will see the story through your character’s eyes. They will experience every scare, every new revelation and the story’s conclusion through your cast of character’s eyes. They may also see themselves in your characters. In short, your characters are the main focal point of the story, so it is very important that you take your time creating them.


2. Stay away from tropes and clichés

If you want your suspense novel to stand out from the myriad of other suspense novels in the market, you will need to stay away from tropes and clichés. This is because tropes and clichés are over used concepts. And most readers tend to look down on writers who use them. It will make your readers think that you are lazy and that you are just using these tropes and clichés because you are too lazy to come up with anything truly original. Overall, it is best to just steer clear of tropes and clichés in general.


3. Avoid a plodding pace

Avoid a plodding pace

One of the best things about suspense novels is the fact that they are quite interesting. And it is not that hard to get your reader’s attentions compared to other writing genres. But it could get a bit difficult to keep your reader’s attentions. So it is important that your writing is as vibrant and spontaneous as possible. It is especially important that you avoid a plodding pace. This is because a slow pace might be perceived as a dragging pace by some readers. And they might get bored in the long run. So make your writing as dynamic and spontaneous as possible.


4. The devil is in the details

Aside from the pace, you should also make sure that you equip your readers with the necessary details. When you write your story, don’t just throw in detail after detail expecting your readers to understand the story. Make sure that all your details are arranged in a cohesive manner, that way once your readers gets to the end and all the details of the story are divulged, they will be able to put all of the clues together.


5. Gradually Build Up to the Conclusion


If you want your suspense novel’s conclusion to be as impactful as possible, it is important that you don’t rush it. Don’t just drop the ending out of nowhere. You should gradually build up to it. Use twists, and allusions to the conclusion. You could also write sub-stories within the story, to help support it. By doing so, your novel’s conclusion will become so much more satisfying.



Writing a suspense novel that truly stands out could be a bit tricky, because there is so much competition. Luckily, with these tips, you’ll be able to write a truly engrossing suspense novel.


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