7 Writing Strategies Every Writer Should Know!

writing strategies every writer should know


If you are thinking of starting a writing career of your very own, you should know that it is not an easy prospect. You will have to compete with a myriad of other writers, and there is no way you could determine whether you succeed or not. This is why you should be armed with the best tricks of the trade.

Here are 7 Writing strategies that every writer should



1. Hone your writing skills to a razor sharp point

Before you even think of writing professionally, you should make sure you are armed with the right skills for the job. And as a writer, you should spend years of honing your craft before you deem yourself ready to write a book.


2. Always create an outline for your stories

When you do start writing a short story or a book of your very own, you should remember to create an outline. An outline is like a blueprint of map that you could use as a guide. The outline should contain all the key points of your stories.


3. Create multi-faceted characters

Seeing as most stories point the spotlight to their characters, you should make sure that you make your characters as multi-faceted and engaging as possible. Remember that characters like Harry Potter or Jay Gatsby were able to captivate a multitude of people through the years. So if you want to make a truly noteworthy story, you should work hard on making truly unforgettable characters.


4. Read as much as you can

If you want to create truly great work, you will need to have the right literary influences. So make it a habit to read as much as you can. Try to read new content every day and expand your literary sources. Don’t limit yourself to just one genre. Delve into other genres and learn new concepts to write about.


5. Know your target audience

Aside from having as many literary influences as possible, it is also important that you know your target audience. By knowing your audience, you will be able to make your writing more focused and effective. And once you do finish writing a book and release it into the public, the book marketing process will be a lot easier. This is because you won’t have to waste precious time and resources on inhospitable markets. Instead you could focus all your efforts on your target audience.



6. Steel yourself

If you are a going to be a writer, you should know that it will not be an easy prospect. Not only are you expected to put in hours of practice to hone your writing skills, you are also expected to start out from scratch. And seeing as there is no guarantee that your work will do well, it takes a great deal of courage to set out on this path. So if you are going to start a writing career, you should be all in. A writing profession is not for the weak of heart. So if you are truly intent on this career, you should steel yourself and do whatever it takes to succeed.


 7. Enhance your vocabulary

When it comes to improving your writing, it is imperative that you expand your vocabulary. Make it a habit to learn a new word every day, and use it in your writing. Remember, as a writer, your greatest weapons are words. The more words you know how to use properly, the more effective you will be as writer.


If you want to increase your chances of writing success, it always helps to have a strategy. With these tips, you’ll have a workable game plan on how to succeed as a professional writer.

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