7 Profitable Writing Jobs That You Can Do Part-Time

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When people hear the word writer, their first thought would most likely be of a novelist or a journalist. However, the writing profession is not limited to these designations. There are many jobs that you can take as a writer, and you don’t even have to do them full-time. That way you can use your skills as a writer to earn a decent wage, and not spend all your time on it as well.

Here are 7 Profitable writing jobs that you can do part-time.


1. Content Writer

A majority of businesses and organizations do most of their advertising online, and they all have websites that make the marketing process a lot easier. This is why content writers are very much in demand these days. Content writers are writers that create content for company websites and even personal blogs. In order to work effectively as a writer, you will need to be both creative and efficient at research work. Your work not only needs to be well-written, but supported by facts and resources as well. You will also need to adapt your writing style according to the needs of your clients. One of the most important qualities you could have as a writer, is being well-read. The more well-read you are, the more effectively you will be able to write your content.


2. Greeting Card Writer

If you’ve ever read a greeting card in your life, you probably would have wondered who writes the catchy greetings and phrases on the greeting card covers. These people are greeting card writers, and they specialize in creating theme based phrases and greetings. This job may seem easy, however, it is trickier than it seems. To be able to come up with these greetings, you will need to have a wide vocabulary, and you need to be witty as well. It takes a great deal of creativity to come up with a usable greeting card phrase.


3. Resume Writer

Resumes are a necessity for anyone who is looking for a job. However, they are not easy to write, and a good number of people would rather just hire someone else to write a resume for them. This is where resume writers come in. These types of writers specialize in crafting resumes, and are familiar with the various resume formats that are currently being used in various industries. If you are going to work as a resume writer, you will need to make your writing as clear and efficient as possible. You should also have a working knowledge of resume formatting, and a keen eye for detail.


4. Proofreader

To work as a proofreader, you are expected to do a quality check on various publications. This is usually done before the work is printed. The materials that you’ll check are not limited to just traditional books and magazines. Proofreading also expects you to check specialized content such as academic papers or even website content.

The main factors, you’ll be checking are the spelling, style and grammar. You will also have to check if the overall text is consistent. You will also have to check if the page number, the headings and even the illustrations are uniform.  As a proofreader, you will need to have an effective and efficient grasp of the English language. You will also need to have a lot of writing experience, and be as detail oriented as possible.

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5. Copywriter

As a copywriter, your main task will be to create advertising concepts and strategies for the clientele. Copywriters are usually part of the company creative team and the main task is to interpret the client’s core message through marketing content. If you are going to work as a copywriter, you will need to be both meticulous and imaginative. You should know how to work with your client, and patiently create advertising content that will fulfill their expectations.


6. Speechwriter

A speechwriter’s main task is to create speeches, briefings and communication within the company. Speechwriters are not only limited to creating speeches, but press releases, editorials and even articles. To be a speechwriter, you will need to have an exceptional grasp of the English language. You will also need to be able to convey the management’s message to the rest of the company.


7. Translator

If you are fluent in more than one language, you could work as a translator. As a translator you are expected to interpret both written and spoken material into one or more languages. Depending on the industry you are working in, you will be expected to translate various forms of content. This content includes articles, videos and other types of documents. It goes without saying that the more languages you know, the more money you will earn as a translator.



Knowing how to write is a skill that you can profit from, you just need to know what jobs you can take up. With this list of jobs, you’ll be able to profit from your skills in the best way possible.


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