8 Writing Habits That Every Beginner Writer Should Cultivate!


8 writing-habits-beginner-writer-should-cultivate


If you just started out as a writer, you would most likely be very excited. And why not? Writing is great. You get to let loose your creative side, and share your opinions and ideas with the rest of the world. But as great as all this may seem, it can still be a challenge. And if you don’t start on the right path, you may end up getting tired of the writing process. What you need are habits that will keep you on the right track.

Here are 8 Writing habits that every beginner writer should cultivate.


1. Have a consistent writing schedule

If you want to achieve your full writing potential, you will need a consistent writing schedule. This is because any writing project you take up is very time consuming. Whether it is writing a book or writing an article for your author blog, it will take time. And even though you might be enthusiastic in the first few days, you will get tired in the long run. And if you don’t have a consistent writing project to keep your writing sessions organized and disciplined, you will lose interest. So make a writing schedule for yourself, and stay consistent with it no matter what. This will allow you to keep going and ultimately fulfill any writing project you take up.


2. Read new content consistently

read new content consistently

Aside from having a consistent writing schedule, you should also make sure that you read new content on a daily basis. This is because the more you read, the more topics and concepts you will be exposed to. And the more exposure you will have, the more information and facts that you will be able to incorporate into your work. The content can be a fact from a history book, a top ten list from a magazine or just a short poem. It can be technically anything. What matters is that you learn something new on a daily basis.


3. Practice your craft

Writing is like any worthwhile endeavor. You will need to practice in order to get any good at it. So make it a daily habit to practice your work. Try to incorporate basic writing exercises to your writing sessions. These exercises can be poetry writing, short story writing, dialogue writing, etc. In truth, you can do any writing exercises that you can think of. Just as long as they get your creative juices moving.


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4. Have a good work space

It is imperative that you have a good working space. This is because you will be expected to devote a great deal of time on your writing projects. And seeing as you will have to work for hours on end on your projects, you will need a good work space. So before you start on any writing project, make sure that you have the best workspace possible. Make sure that it is somewhere you can envision yourself spending long hours in. Make sure that it is comfortable, well-lit and far away from any noise. But most of all make sure that it is an environment conducive to writing.


5. Learn a new word every day

If you want to achieve your full potential as a writer, you will need to have an expansive vocabulary. This is because the more words you know, the more effectively you will be able to convey your ideas and concepts. So make it a habit to learn a new word every day and try to incorporate it into your work. All in all the more words you know, the better your overall writing will be.


6. Have a strict workout regimen

have a strict workout regimen

One of the main setbacks of being a writer is the fact that it is an inactive lifestyle. This is because you are expected to spend hours sitting down and writing. And with this lifestyle, many writers tend to gain weight in the long run. They also tend to develop illnesses associated with inactive lifestyles. This is why you should develop a workout regimen to counteract the effects of this lifestyle. By exercising regularly, you will be able to stave off the pounds and have a much healthier lifestyle.


7. Have a goal to strive for

As it was stated earlier, being a writer can be quite a challenge. And it can be quite a challenge to stay interested in the writing process in the long run. So before you even start your journey as a writer, you should have a goal. Ask yourself before you start writing. What do I truly want to achieve as a writer? Fame? Fortune? A legacy. By knowing your ultimate goal, your path will not only be clearer, but your resolve will also be a lot stronger.


8. Keep in contact with other writers

Being a writer is a somewhat solitary endeavor, however it does not mean that you should do it all by yourself. Remember that the writing process could get difficult and it is always a good idea to have a strong support system. Make it a habit to stay in contact with your fellow writers. By staying in contact with other writers, you will have a great source of advice and moral support throughout your writing journey.



If you are really serious about being a professional writer, it is important that you make it a part of your day to day life. With these 8 habits, you will be able to stay true to your writing goals no matter what.

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