7 Effective Tips on How to Write a Page Turner

of a Book!

writing a page turner


Writing a book of your very own is a dream that many writers have. But if you truly want to succeed as a writer, you can’t just write a book and expect it to do well. This is because new books keep coming out of the woodwork, and you will really have a lot of competition. You will need to make your book as enthralling as possible. In short, you will need to make it a page turner.

Here are 7 Effective tips on how to write a page turner of

a book.

1. Brainstorm a great concept

If you want to create a page turner of a book, you will need a truly great concept. This is because your concept will be one of the first things that will draw potential readers to your work. So take the time to brainstorm a great concept for your book. Try to think up of something that will make your book stand out. Stay away from overused tropes and clichés. This concept will become the cornerstone of your book and allow you to create a page turner of a book.


2. Create unforgettable characters

Aside from a great concept, it is also important that you come up with truly unforgettable characters to populate your book. Remember that the characters are the main focal point of a story.

Potential readers will see your story through your character’s eyes. They may even see themselves in your characters. So take the time to create truly unforgettable characters. Stay away from stereotypes, because readers tend to look down on them. Instead, it is better if you try to make a truly unique cast of characters.

Give each of your characters varying personality traits, backstories and motivations. Think of the character writing process as a fun activity and give each and every one of your characters a dossier.

3. Keep your readers on their toes

Keep your readers on their toes

Whether you are writing a suspense novel or fantasy novel, it always pays to keep your readers on their toes. This does not mean that you should try to scare your readers. More like, you should keep them guessing. Keep them wondering what will happen next. Nothing is worse than a predictable story. This is because the more predictable your story, the more chances your readers will lose interest. So keep your readers on their toes.

4. Details are key

It always pays to make your work detailed. This is because the more detailed your work, the easier it will be for readers to get immersed in your writing. So when your write a scenery, describe it as vividly as possible. When you describe a character, show your readers what he or she really looks like. The details are a compelling aspect of your writing and can draw potential readers into your story.

5. Use romantic tension

Romance has always been a great way to spice up your writing. This is because romance adds a new dimension to your story. It gives readers a thrill to read about the romantic tension between two characters. It makes the readers wonder whether the two characters are meant to be together, and there is the ever present question of will they? Or Won’t they?  Overall, it is always a good idea to add a certain romantic element in your stories.

6. Know how to use your dialogue properly

If you want your book to be a page turner, you should remember that dialogue is key. This is because the dialogue, is a way for the reader to get to know about your characters. Through your character’s conversations you will be able to reveal their actions and emotions. You could also set the mood for the overall setting through dialogue. Overall, if you want your book to be a real page turner, it really helps to brush up on your dialogue writing skills.


7. Keep your writing short and concise

When it comes to writing a page turner, one of your main objectives is to keep your reader’s attention. An effective way to do this, is to write in short and concise sentences. If your sentences are overly long and complicated your readers might get confused. They might also lose track of the overall story, and just give up on reading your book. So should shorten your sentences, and make your writing as focused as possible.



If you want to write a page turner of a book, you will need to put in the work. More importantly, you should have a strategy on how to properly write one. With these tips, your chances of writing a true page turner will increase dramatically.


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