5 Fiendishly Clever Ways to Write Villains!

ways to write villains

If you are going to write a book of your very own, you should make sure that your characters are as memorable as possible. Aside from your protagonist, the other most important character in your book will always be the antagonist. If your antagonist or villain is not memorable, your book will not make an impact with your readers. So if you want your book to be as memorable as possible, you will need to make your villain truly unforgettable.

Here are 5 fiendishly clever ways to write villains of your

very own.


1. Give the villain a great backstory

If you want your villain to be truly memorable, you should give your villain a great backstory. By having a great backstory, your villain will have more layers to his or her personality. It will also help readers understand why the villain is the way he or she is. Overall, when it comes to creating a villain for your story, a great backstory is key.

2. Make the villain more complex

It is a good idea to create villains that are complex. Readers are very picky about characters, especially when it comes to the main antagonist or villain, and if the villain is lacking in any way, your readers will notice right away. So it is a good idea to create villains that are multifaceted and have unique personalities. It is also a good idea to give your villains charismatic traits that will make them more likeable and even downright loveable.


3. Give the villain a unique appearance

If you are going to create a noteworthy villain, it is important that you give him or her a unique appearance. If you make your villain nondescript or plain looking, it won’t really make an impact with your readers. This does not mean that your villain should be grotesque looking or 7 feet tall just for the sake of looking unique. Instead your main intent should be to give your villain features that mark him  or her out from a crowd. The villain could have a particularly long nose, a scar, have only one eye, or a particular way of walking. You have free reign to make your villain truly stand out.


4. Stay away from clichés and stereotypes

One mistake that most newbie writers make when they write villains, is that they rely too much on clichés, tropes and stereotypes. Although it is a good idea to take a cue from the great villains of the past, it won’t do your writing any good if you use them as a blueprint. Remember that clichés, tropes and stereotypes are known as such because they have been used to such a degree that almost everyone is aware of them. If you are going to use these concepts when writing your villain, you will not really surprise your audience. So make a mental note, and stay away from any kind of cliché, tropes and stereotypes.


5. Give them justifiable motivations

When you write your villains, it is always a good idea to give them motivations that are justifiable. Remember that no one does anything evil at a whim. So if you are going to write your villain’s motivations, they should not be so evil that they come out unrealistic. Your villain’s motivations should not only make sense, they should also move the overall story forward.



The protagonist and the antagonist are by far the most important characters in a story. So if you are going to create a story of your very own, you will need to know how to write a great villain. With these 5 useful tips, you’ll be able to create a truly unforgettable villain.

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