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Publishing a book is not just about writing it and having it printed. It is also about marketing it to the reading public. Which in truth can be very difficult. This is because the book promotion process can be quite volatile and unpredictable.  It can also get very expensive. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can get pretty hectic and more importantly expensive in the long run. So before you set out and promote your book, you will need a set strategy. That way, when you do promote your book the process will be both effective and affordable.

Here are 6 Ways to promote your book for next to nothing.


1. Set up an author blog of your very own

Before you promote your book, you should first set up your very own author blog. This is because an author blog is an online platform from where you can conduct your book marketing. And seeing as most blog sites are quite affordable or outright free, it is a great way to market your work without having to spend a lot of money. Through your author blog you can conduct a multitude of marketing strategies. You can post examples of your work, contact fellow writers and even sell your book on your author blog. An author blog is a multifaceted tool and should be at the center of your book marketing campaign.


2. Reach out to bloggers

Reach out to bloggers

In this day and age bloggers are becoming quite a force in the marketing industry. This is because they are influential and most of them have a fan base that supports and follows their ideas to a letter. So if you want to promote your book effectively, you will need to reach out to these bloggers. Book bloggers to be specific. By reaching out to book bloggers, you will be able to tap into their fan base and expand your influence as a writer. But this is easier said than done because not all book bloggers will be willing to help you.  So it is important that you cultivate a good working relationship with them first. Be polite when you ask for their help, and be sure to return the favor should they ask for it too.


3. Create a book video

There are a multitude of video sharing sites all over the web. And if you want to make an impact with your potential fans, there are few options more effective than creating a book video of your very own. This is because a book video can get the attention of readers quite effectively. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to make and distribute it. You just need basic computer skills. When you make your book video, just remember that you make it short and sweet. Just show the readers what your book is about and what they can gain from reading it. By creating a book video you will be able to expand your influence as an author, and make your book more attractive to potential buyers.


4. Join up with writing communities

Join Up with Writing Communities

Writing communities are very close knit and most members usually support one another. This is why you should join as many writing communities as possible. By joining up with writing communities, you will not only get good writing advice from fellow writers, you will also have a potential market to sell your book to. Of course when you join a writing community, you should be as sincere as possible. Take part in their events, and be on good terms with your fellow writers. That way, should you need help, then the members would most likely be willing to help you out.


5. Go on podcast interviews

Podcasts have been getting quite popular nowadays. So it makes sense that you try it out during the book promotion process. Of course you should not try out for more traditional podcasts because they may ask for a fee. Instead, it is better if you approach independent podcasters. That way you can talk about your book and gain useful publicity in the process. And best of all it won’t cost you a thing.


6. Have your book reviewed

Although book reviews have been used for a long time, they are still quite effective. Most readers take book reviews very seriously. They consider book reviews as a type of social affirmation, and if a well-respected writer gives your book a good review, then your book has a much bigger chance of success. So make it a priority to get your book reviewed. You could have it reviewed by a family member or close friend, however, if a famous writer wrote it, then it will certainly have a lot more weight with potential readers.



In this day and age, book promotion no longer needs to cost a fortune. You just require the right strategy and the grit to keep at it.

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