5 Ways to Optimize Your Book Sales as a Self-

Published Author!

ways to optimize book sales


If you are a self-published author, you would most likely have trouble marketing your books. Which makes sense, of course, because marketing a book as a self-published author is a lot more challenging than it is for traditionally published authors. Not only are you expected to compete with a myriad of other self-published authors, you will also have to pay for the entire process yourself. So if you want to optimize the book sales for your work, you will need a well contrived book marketing campaign.

Here are 5 Ways to optimize your book sales as a self-

published author.

1. Do your research

Before you set out and market your book, you should really do as much research as you can. Remember that the book marketing arena is a very competitive one. And if you don’t do your research, it could get pretty difficult to create a fan base for yourself. So before you even begin the self-publishing process, you should conduct a thorough market study. Identify your target market by eliminating any demographic that are uninterested in your book. That way, once you do get started on the book marketing process, you won’t have to waste precious resources on uninterested people.

2. Make sure your SEO is on point

Make sure your SEO is on point

In this day and age, most people usually do their marketing online. So if you want to optimize your book sales, you will need to make your SEO as efficient as possible. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process wherein you increase the visibility of your website or webpage to potential users. And the more you make your SEO efficient, the more chances your book will be visible to potential buyers.

3. Have your book reviewed

Aside from enhancing your SEO, yet another way to optimize your book sales, is to have your book reviewed. This is because book reviews are trusted by most readers. In many ways book reviews are like a social affirmation to buy a book. So if you want to increase your book’s chances of being sold, you should send it out to be reviewed. You can send out your book reviewed by friends and family members, but if you want readers to be very interested in your work, you should have it reviewed by established authors and book bloggers. It could be a bit difficult to get a review from them, and they could be a bit more difficult to impress. But a positive review from them could do wonders for your work.

4. Print in different formats

Print in different formats

Yet another way to optimize your book sales is to print in different formats. By printing in different formats, you will be able to cater to more potential readers. For example, one reader prefers to read books in the old paperback and hardcover format. But another potential reader prefers to read in eBook format. If you just printed in the more traditional formats, you won’t be able to fulfill the need of a good number of potential readers. But by printing in different formats, you will be able to satisfy all the preferences of your potential readers.

5. Get started as early as possible

All of the tips stated earlier, will really enhance your book marketing chances. But if you really want to optimize your book marketing, you should start as early as possible. Don’t wait until you release your book. If you want to make an impact with potential readers, you should start your book marketing months before you even release your book. That way, once you do release it, you will have a solid fan base to release your work to.


Marketing a book is a very difficult process and there are so many factors to take into account. So sign up with Writers Republic and market your book the right way! Reading the Writers Republic Reviews will help you decide in no time!

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