4 Ways to Effectively Market Your Book Through the Internet!


use the internet to market your book


The internet is the most widely used media form in this day and age. And through the years, a myriad of businesses use the internet to market their products. And if you are thinking of marketing a book of your very own, it is imperative that you know how to use the internet effectively and efficiently. That way you can truly compete with other writers in the book marketing arena. So before you start the book marketing process you will need a plan.

Here are 4 Ways to use the internet to market your book.


1. Improve your SEO

If you want to effectively market your book online, you will need to make your SEO as efficient as possible. Your SEO or Search Engine Optimization is defined as the means to increase your website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or content through search engines. Here are some tips on how to increase your SEO.

  • Identify essential keywords.
  • Create great content to increase website traffic.
  • Sprinkle these keywords over your content.

2. Create your very own author platform

Aside from improving your SEO, it is also important that you create your very own author platform. Because what’s the use of effective SEO if you don’t have an author platform to link it to. So before you start marketing your book, you should first have an author blog of your very own. Through your author blog, you can post excerpts of your book, articles and other such content. You could also keep in contact with other authors and potential readers. Overall having your very own website will allow you to establish a fan base for your work.


3. Join online writing communities

It always pays to join online writing communities. This is because online writing communities are a great way to gain a reputation as a writer. For example, you could join a fan fiction group. You could first start out creating fan fiction for your favorite genre. But as you progress and show off your work to fellow members, you can show them your abilities as a writer. And from there you could spread word of your book and establish yourself as a writer to follow.


4. Post book reviews

Book reviews are some of the more traditional book marketing methods. But it could also be incorporated into your online book marketing to great effect. The first step is to get book reviews. You could have your book reviewed by friends and family, but it may not have a great effect on potential readers. The best people to ask for book reviews are established authors or book bloggers. This is because their opinions carry a lot of weight and can really sway potential readers into buying your work. The only setback is that they can be very difficult to approach and there is no guarantee they will like your book. But it’s worth the risk, because a positive book review on your author blog can do wonders for your book marketing.


market your book through the internet


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