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Being a writer is an honorable and exciting calling that anyone would be proud to have. But if you are thinking of being a professional writer, you should know that it takes more than the ability to write a coherent sentence to make it as a writer. You will also need specific character traits. So before you even think of being a full time writer, you should develop specific traits.

Here are 7 Necessary traits that makes up a good writer.


1. A vast vocabulary

If you want to be a good writer, the first trait you should develop is a vast vocabulary. Because the more words you know, the more effectively you will be able to convey your opinions, perceptions and overall storyline. So before you even think of starting a writing career, expand your vocabulary as much as possible. Try to learn a new word on a daily basis and try to use it in your work. That way, you will slowly but surely expand your vocabulary. By the time you start your writing career, you will already have a deep vocabulary to draw from.


2. A Love of books

trait that any self-respecting writer should have

Yet another trait that any self-respecting writer should have is a love of books. Technically, you will need to be a bibliophile if you want to succeed as a writer.  This is because being a writer entails you to write as many books as you can. And if you don’t have a deep love for reading, you will have a hard time staying motivated as a writer. Being a wide reader will also help expose you to a myriad of books on a daily basis. And the more you read, the more concepts and ideas you will be exposed to. So if you want to be a truly good writer, you will need to develop a love of books.


3. Keen observational skills

Having keen observational skills is a trait that every writer should have. This is because the more observant you are, the more easily you will be able to notice subtle characteristics in situations, people and places. You will then be able to use these observations in your work to make them more nuanced and layered. All in all, the more observant you are, the better your writing will be.


4. Good character writing skills

Seeing as the characters are the main focal point of a story, it is then imperative that you develop good character writing skills.  When you write your characters, you should make sure that they are unique and compelling. Stay away from clichés and used up tropes, because readers can see them a mile away. Instead, you should try to come up with new character writing concepts. So think outside the box when you are writing your characters.  Give them unique backstories and motivations. By making your characters as fleshed out as possible, you will be able to make a truly multifaceted character that readers will be able to relate with.


5. Discipline

trait that all writers should have

It takes a great deal of will power to stay the course no matter how difficult the book writing process can get. This is where discipline comes in. By having a more disciplined approach to the writing process, you can continue to write no matter how difficult things get. Having a disciplined outlook on the writing process will also help you to stay motivated, and stay the course no matter what. All in all, discipline is a trait that all writers should have, if they want to succeed.


6. Passion

A writer must have a variety of traits if he or she wants to succeed as a writer. But if there is one trait that is essential to success, it is passion. This is because passion is what will motivate you to come up with great works of literature. Passion is what will push you to persevere and dream big as a writer. So if you want to be a successful writer, you should strive to be as passionate a writer as possible.


7. Ambition

Although being a writer should be all about the art, you should also have ambition. Remember that even if you are the best writer in the world, if you don’t take the next step and publish your work then no one will be able to enjoy it. So you should have a healthy amount of ambition. You should strive to make a name for yourself, and leave a legacy behind as a writer. By having ambition, you’ll have the fuel to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.



If you are serious about being a writer, you should make sure that you will be able to handle the pressure. By developing these traits, you’ll be able to reach your full potential as a professional writer.


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