7 Essential Tips for Thriving as a Writer!

tips for thriving as a writer


If you just started as a writer, you would probably know how difficult it is to get started. And if it is that difficult to get started as a writer, how hard will you have to work to actually thrive as one? Not only will you have to start out from scratch, you will also have to compete with a myriad of other writers. But don’t worry. It is possible to truly thrive as a writer. You just need the right mindset and strategy before you get started.

Here are 7 Essential tips for thriving as a writer.


1. Have a writing schedule

Being a professional writer usually gives you a lot of freedom. It is not a nine to five job. Instead, it is a very flexible schedule where you can choose when you work. But as great as this sounds, it also has some drawbacks. One such drawback is that it is easy to slack off from your work. And if you don’t have the discipline, there is a chance you will lose track of your work and even get lazy in the long run. So it is imperative that you create a writing schedule that you can follow on a daily basis. When you make your writing schedule, makes sure that your schedule is something that you can follow on a daily basis.


2. Create an author blog of your very own

If you want to do well as a professional writer, you should start marketing your work as early as possible. Before you even release your book, you should strive to have a fan base. That way once you do release a book, you already have a following. And the best way to market your work, is creating an author blog of your very own. It is effective because author blogs give you the chance to expand your influence as a writer. Through your author blog, you can post examples of your work such as excerpts, short articles and poetry.


3. Strive to master your craft

Aside from marketing your work, another way you can thrive as a writer is to master your craft. Remember that writing takes years of hard work and dedication to truly master the art of writing. So before you even think of writing a book of your very own, you should already have your writing down pat. Practice your spelling, sentence compositions and grammar. Expand your vocabulary and use them in your work. Overall, the more skilled you are, the more you will thrive as a writer.


4. Read extensively

read extensively


If you want to thrive as a writer, you will need to be as well read as possible. This is because the more well-read you are, the more concepts you will be exposed to. And the more topics you are acquainted with, the more things you will be able to write about.  So make it a habit to read something new on a daily basis.


5. Reach out to other writers

If you want to truly thrive as a writer, you will need to be more than just a good technical writer. You will also need to expand your influence with other writers. This is because the more clout you have with your fellow writers, the more chances you will have of establishing your brand as a writer. So reach out to your fellow writers. Join online writing communities and share your work with other writers. Have them review your work and return the favor and review their work too. Overall, the more you reach out and communicate with other writers, the easier it will be to market your work in the future.


6. Stay optimistic

Being a writer will always be a hard prospect. There will always be times where your will to write will be tested. There will be times where you will be tempted to just quit the entire process. But if you are truly invested on succeeding as a writer, you should stay optimistic. Most of the time, the difference between failure and success is your mindset. So before you even start your writing journey, you should strive to have an optimistic outlook on the entire writing process.



 7. Have a great place to write

 When it comes to thriving as a writer, it is important that you choose a great place to work. Remember that writing takes a great deal of concentration. If your workplace is lacking, you might not be able to write  properly. When you choose your workplace, it is important that it is as well-lit as possible. It should also be well-furnished, and well-ventilated. What’s important though, is that you could stay there for hours without getting tired of it.



If you want to thrive as a writer, it is important that you have a set plan. The writing journey is full of potential obstacles. With these tips, you will be able to reach your full potential as a writer.



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