10 Short Story Ideas That Come With a Twist




When it comes to writing a good short story idea, it is always important to incorporate a twist. A story without a twist becomes too predictable, which will end up boring your readers in the long run. As a rule, you should really use twists in your writing, however, it is easier said than done. The twist should be well-concealed, or it could be seen from a mile away, and won’t help your story at all.

Here are some short story ideas that come with a twist.


  1. You live with your pet dog in a secluded part of the woods. One night you hear a scurrying, inside your chicken coop. You check it out with your dog, and suspect the attacker was a wolf. You check your area for the attacker, but in the moonlight you see bloodstains on your dog’s mouth. The dog was the perpetrator the whole time.
  1. A local merchant comes by a village, and he finds out that the area is being attacked by a group of bandits. These bandits steal away livestock. The merchant finds out the harrowing truth later that the village is full of cultist, and they use the livestock for their dark rituals.
  1. You find a small compartment in your home, and you find out that there is a small entrance that leads to another world. You go in and explore the world, only to find out that the world is the afterlife, and you died when the small entrance caved in on you.
  1. You play a computer game for the first time, and you are told that you won an all-expense paid trip to a tropical island. You later find out that the island is used by billionaires for a yearly hunt for the greatest game of all, man.
  1. A cowboy is looking for his herd of cattle, and travels through Apache territory. He fears that the tribesmen took his cattle. He later finds out that the cattle were taken by animalistic aliens, and have attacked the nearby apache tribe. Now he must join forces with the apache tribesmen to fight the aliens off.

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  1. An earthquake happens, and you try to get away from the area, only to find out that the earthquake was caused by a huge monster, and it is out for blood.
  1. A chef wants to create a new menu for the restaurant he manages. One day, he finds an old and ragged old man messing about his kitchen. He chases the man away, only to find out that the old man was a legendary chef, and was hired by the owner to help make the menu.
  1. A group of orphans live on the streets of London during the Victorian era. They find a bedraggled young man who has no recollection who he is. They tend to his wounds, and feed him what meager food they could scrounge up. Little do they know that the young man is a gentleman and heir to a huge fortune.
  1. A young English soldier runs through no man’s land during the First World War. He feels that every step he takes may be his last. He manages to make it to the other side, and is ready to fight the Germans in the trenches. They are nowhere to be seen, As he looks back on the path he took, he finds his own body. He had been killed in no man’s land, and his soul is now just looking back on his body.
  1. A struggling boxer is told to throw a fight with a local mob boss. He refuses to do so, and is on the run. He is cornered by the gang, and is gunned down. He lies dying in a pool of his own blood. However, he does not die. The mob group is in fact a group of scientists, and they end up experimenting on him.


If you want your short story to be as entertaining and surprising as possible, it is important that you incorporate a twist into your writing. With these short story ideas, you’ll get some great inspiration for putting a twist into your own short stories.

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