5 Key Tips for Setting up Your Very Own

Author Website

tips for setting up an author website


Whether you are a veteran or a newbie writer it is imperative that you have your own author website. Having your own author website allows you to market yourself as a writer to your potential readers. Think of it as a base of operations for your book marketing. Through your website, you can advertise and sell your work. You could also form a rapport with other writers through your website. It is also where potential fans go to contact you and ask you questions about your life and works. Overall having your very own author website is a must.


Here are 5 Key tips for setting up your very own author


1. Have a set theme for your website

Before you start setting up your author website, it is important that you have a set theme for your website. Remember that aside from providing your potential readers with the right information, it should also be attractive enough to attract potential readers. By having a set theme, your website will look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. Try to use uniform colors and motifs for your all your website pages. You should also use the same fonts for all your write-ups and posts. This level of uniformity will surely make your website more eye-catching.

2. Use interesting and attractive images

Aside from having a set theme, it is also a good idea to use interesting and attractive images in your website. These images could be illustrations you drew and put into your book, or they could be images that reflect your book’s theme. When you use images, make sure that you have the rights to them or better yet, they are free to use. You don’t want to get in trouble for using images without permission.



3. Make it as easy to navigate through as possible

If you want people to visit your site, you should make sure that it is easy to use as possible. Most people are very picky when it comes to visiting a site, and if your site is difficult to use and navigate through, visitors may stop using it or avoid it entirely. So before you open your website to the public, make sure that the layout is easy to understand. You should also make sure that the site is efficient and does not have any lags or crashes while you use it.


4. Create great content

When it comes to making a successful author website, one of the best ways to ensure revisits to your sites is great content. It is the content that will attract people to your author site, and it will be the content that will have them come back again. Your content can be practically anything. It could be a poem, an article or even a script that you wrote. What’s important is that you wrote it yourself, and that it is quality work.  Makes sure that your content is well-researched and you have the right references and links to back up any claims you makes. Overall, great content is key if you want to create a solid fan base for yourself.


5. Post accurate author information

If you want potential readers to be interested in your work, it is a good idea to post accurate information about yourself. By doing so, you will be able to show people what kind of person you are. When you write your author info, you should make it interesting yet brief. Don’t overdo it with the information. Just give your potential readers enough information to show them who you are, your story as a writer, and your other hobbies outside of writing.



If you want to effectively expand your reputation as a writer, it is a good idea to create an author website. By establishing an author website, you will have an online platform from where you could run your book marketing campaigns. With these tips, you’ll be able to create a truly great author website.


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