9 Steps for Self-Publishing a Children’s Book



Self-publishing a children’s book is such a joy, and many writers would love to get started on one. Sadly, not all writers are confident in their abilities to self-publish one. The endeavor may seem easy, however, actually publishing one is tricky. In order to actually publish a book, you will need to be as efficient as possible. You will also need to know what you are doing.

Here are effective tips for self-publishing a children’s book.


1. Remember that you are writing for kids

If you want your children’s book to be a success, you should make sure to use the right language. Remember that kids are very impressionable, and if you use themes and language that are too adult, the kids may be negatively influenced. As a rule, you should make sure to check your work for any adult themes. Remember that parents want their kids to read clean and wholesome material, so you should double check your content before you have them published.

2. Know what self-publishing entails

Before you get started on the process, you should make sure that you know what self-publishing entails, and how you should approach the process. If you are going to self-publish a book by yourself, you are expected to do a majority of the work yourself. Self-publishing a book is not just limited to writing a book and having it printed.

You will also have to do a majority of the marketing, and look for retailers that will distribute your book. You will also have to pay for everything yourself.  Overall, before you set out to self-publish your children’s book, you should understand the key points of self-publishing, and be prepared for the work it entails.


3. Come up with a great concept

Once you know the key details of self-publishing, you should come up with a great concept for your children’s book. Remember that you are writing for kids. This means you should come up with a concept that will entertain kids, and keep their attention throughout the entire book. You should also make sure that your concept is child friendly, and does not delve too much into mature topics.



4. Set a budget for yourself

If you want your self-publishing to do well, you should make sure that you have enough funds to support the whole process. Remember that self-publishing any type of book takes time and more importantly money. As a rule, you should be financially ready to pay for the whole process yourself. If your funds are not enough, you should really hold off until you have saved enough. You don’t want to start on the self-publishing process, only to stop in the middle, because you ran out of funds.


5. Write the manuscript for your book

Once you have all the essentials for publishing a book, you should now start writing the manuscript for your book. When you write your manuscript, don’t be afraid to change a few things every once in a while. Remember that this is the first parts of the writing process, so you should not be afraid to make some changes. The manuscript is not the final copy of your children’s book, so you should take this opportunity to experiment with various concepts for your children’s book.


6. Utilize Beautiful Illustrations in your children’s book

When it comes to writing a children’s book, it is important that you pay special attention to the illustrations you will be using in your children’s book. Remember that one of the main highlights for a children’s book is the illustrations.

Your illustrations are a key factor in making your children’s books more compelling and interactive. If you are an accomplished artist, you should make the illustrations yourself. However, if you don’t really have any background in drawing, there is no shame in having your illustrations done by an experienced artist.


7. Have your manuscript edited

Once finish the manuscript for your children’s book, you should make sure to have the manuscript edited by a professional editor. Remember that once you print your children’s book, you won’t be able to make changes.

The errors will stay in the printed copies forever. By having an editor look through your manuscript, you’ll have an expert pair of eyes look through your work. When you have your manuscript edited, you should expect there to be a lot of corrections. You should also expect your work to be edited as thoroughly as possible.


8. Copyright your book

Before you even think of publishing your children’s book, you should make sure that you copyright it. This is extremely important, because it will ensure that your book does not get plagiarized. Getting a copyright for a book is relatively easy. All you need to do is to fill up a special form at your local copyright office, pay a fee, and submit your book. You could do this through the mail, or by signing up through the copyright office’s online registration site. You should do this as soon as possible, to lessen the chances of your book getting plagiarized.


9. Don’t be afraid to get professional help

If you are going to self-publish a book of any kind, you should expect it to be a lot of work. This is understandable, because self-publishing a book is a multifaceted process. There will be times where you will feel overwhelmed. That being said, you should not be afraid to get professional help if you can.

There are many self-publishing companies that you could ask help from. These companies specialize in helping authors self-publish their works. Their services usually encapsulate the whole publishing process. This means they will not only edit and print your manuscript, they will also market it as well.

Before you choose a self-publishing company, you should be as discerning as possible. Do your research before you enlist any self-publishing company’s help.  Take the time to research on their track record, and list of clients. You will be spending your hard earned money in order to hire a self-publishing company, so you should choose the best one possible.



If you are going to self-publish your very own children’s book, you should know where to start. Remember that any book in general is difficult to publish, especially if you are just starting out. The children’s book genre is also a bit tricky to get into. With these tips, you’ll be able to self-publish a children’s book of your very own.


When it comes to choosing a self-publishing company, you will need to be as discerning as possible! Take a peek at these Writers Republic Reviews, and see what they have to offer you!


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