Self-Care Tips That Writers Should Follow




Being a writer may seem like a charmed profession. You only need to write great content, and have fun doing so. This is a very wrong misconception that is shared by most people. In truth, being a writer could be quite a difficult prospect.

Not only is there pressure to create great content, there is also the difficulty of managing your time as a writer. As a writer, it is important that you know how to take care of yourself as you strive to create the best content possible.

Here are some self-care tips that writers should follow.


1. Exercise on a daily basis

If you want to stay healthy, and be able to fully focus on your writing projects, it is important that you exercise on a daily basis. Remember that when you are writing content, you will usually spend a good deal of time sitting down. If you are going to sit down for long periods of time, there is a chance you will be living a very sedate lifestyle.

This lack of exercise may cause you to gain weight, and even develop chronic diseases in the long run. As a rule, you should make it a habit to exercise on a daily basis. You don’t need to work out intensely. A 30-minute walk or jog, or a game of basketball is enough. What’s important is that you move your body and burn some calories.


2. Meditate

A key aspect of the writing process, is to clear your mind of anxieties. As you live your life as a writer, there will be times where you will face obstacles. This is a part of being a writer. You will have to juggle your day to day responsibilities and your writing duties. As you tackle these obstacles, you may start getting anxious. As a rule, you should take the time to meditate on a daily basis. Meditation is a centuries-old breathing exercise that will help you relax and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts. By meditating on a daily basis, you will be able to fully focus on your writing sessions, and be free of unnecessary worries.

If you want to last long as a professional writer, you should maintain your mental health. Here are 7 ways to take care of your mental health as a writer.


3. Adopt a healthy diet

During the writing process, there will be times where you will be very busy. You may be so busy, that you won’t be able to eat the right foods. You may just be content with junk foods and fast foods. This is a very bad idea, because a bad diet will come back to haunt you eventually. Add this to a relatively sedate lifestyle, and you’ll soon start gaining weight, and even develop chronic ailments related to these. As a rule, you should make sure to avoid overly fatty or sugary foods. Instead, you should eat a balanced diet that has lean protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. By doing so, you will be able to meet all your nutritional needs, without gaining weight in the long run.


4. Surround yourself with positive people

Being a writer is a lonely path, because you will be doing most of your work yourself. However, it does not need to be so. As a rule, you should surround yourself with positive people, who will push you to be better. 


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5. Travel

While writing will compel you to write on a daily basis, this does not mean that you should limit yourself to just the confines of your home. Remember that being a writer entails you to live your life as much as possible. How will you be able to write great content, if you have not experienced life? The best way to do so, is to travel and experience many cultures.


6. Set a writing schedule

A very important aspect of being a writer, is good time management. If you are not good at managing your time, there is a chance that you’ll feel anxious on how to juggle your writing work. As a rule, you should set a writing schedule for yourself. This will allow you to write on a daily basis, without causing you anxiety on whether you are doing your job as a writer. If you are going to set a writing schedule for yourself. It is important that you choose a specific time that you could follow on a daily basis.


7. Don’t pressure yourself to write great work

Whether you are a veteran or newbie writer, there will always be the desire to write great work. This desire is a good thing, because you will want to achieve great things as a writer. However, this desire will get toxic if you put too much pressure on yourself. Remember that every writer has his or her time. If you are too occupied with the thought of gaining fame as a writer and writing great work, you will no longer have fun. Just relax, and approach the writing process with as much enthusiasm as possible.



If you want to reach your full potential as a writer, it is important that you take care of yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the better your work as a writer will be. With these self-care tips, you’ll be in the best condition to create great literary works.

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