7 Reasons to Self-Publish a Book of Your Very Own!


7 Reasons to Self-Publish


If you are thinking of publishing a book of your very own, you should know that the traditional route is not always the best option. The traditional option may seem like a good choice. But you should remember that traditional publishing houses are very picky when it comes to choosing authors they want to work with. And seeing as there are a multitude of writers with new work coming out of the woodwork, you would most likely have to wait a long time before you finally see your book published. So why not try out other publishing options? The best option being self-publishing.

Here are 7 Reasons why you should self-publish your manuscript.


 1. No more rejection

One of the most frustrating things about traditional publishing, is that you will have to send out your work to publishing houses. This could get frustrating, because most traditional publishing houses are very picky and they won’t take chances with unknown writers. So if you are going to try out for traditional publishing houses, you should expect a lot of rejection. If you are going to self-publish, you will no longer have to face rejection. You will be your own boss, and publish the book the way you want.


2. You can start right away

when to publish your book

Yet another drawback with traditional publishing is the fact that the company decides when to publish your book. This is because most traditional publishers have a myriad of other writers. So they can’t solely focus on your book alone. But should you choose to self-publish your book yourself, you can start right away. You will no longer have to wait for a go sign from an editor. You get to decide when to publish your manuscript.

3. You get to keep all your royalties

It is a well-known fact that most traditional publishing companies take a percentage of royalties from their authors. Which is understandable, because the publishing company will do most of the work for you. But should you choose to self-publish your book, you will get to keep all of your royalties. You won’t have to share your profits with a company. And why should you? You worked hard on the manuscript. You spent many late nights writing it. You took the risks, and the criticisms. So you deserve to keep all your royalties.


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4. No need to deal with pushy editors

One of the most annoying things about working with a traditional publishing house is the fact that you will have to deal with pushy editors. This is expected of course, because editors are there to make things go more efficient for the company. But it can be quite a hassle for you as a writer. There may even be times where the editor will make changes to your story or decide on changes to the overall book design despite your wishes. And because you signed a contract with them, you will usually have to go with their decisions. But should you decide to self-publish your book, you will no longer have to deal with pushy editors. Instead, you will ultimately get to decide how to publish your book.


5. You can market your book the way you want

market your book your way

Yet another reason why self-publishing is a great option is the fact that you can market your book your way. Having your book marketed by a traditional publishing company can be advantageous, but it can also be frustrating for some authors because they would feel that they can market their books more effectively. This is especially true for some writers who excel in more modern book marketing methods. So by self-publishing your book, you will be given a great deal of freedom and be able to market your book your way.


6. You get to keep all the rights to your book

If there is one drawback to working with a traditional publisher, it is the fact that you will have to give up a portion of the rights to your book. And although this can be understandable, because the publishing house is paying for the publishing process, it can still be very frustrating for some authors. Your book can be chosen to be made into a film or a TV series, and you will have to share credit and ownership of the rights to your book with the publishing house. But by self-publishing your book, you can keep all the rights for yourself.


7. You control your destiny as a writer

Aside from the reasons stated above, the main reason why self-publishing is such a great option is the fact that you will be given full control of your destiny as a writer. No longer will you have to deal with deadlines, harsh criticisms, or stressful writing schedules. You are the boss, and you can choose your book publishing path.


Publishing a book is a harsh process, so you should make sure that you publish your book the way you want. By choosing the self-publishing route, you’ll be able to publish your book without the fear of rejection or compromising your artistic vision.

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