Key Tips for Improving Your Poetry Writing Skills


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When it comes to writing poetry as effectively as possible, you will need a set strategy. Remember that poetry writing is very different from conventional writing. There is a certain rhythmic structure that you will have to adhere to, and if you have just started out in poetry, you might find poetry writing difficult.

Here are some key tips for improving your poetry writing skills.


1.Read as much poetry as possible

If you want to improve your poetry writing skills, it is important that you read as much poetry as possible. Remember that the more poetry you read, the more you will be exposed to the nuances of other poets. If you are going to read poetry on a daily basis, you should make sure to vary your poetry choices. While you should have a favorite poet or two, you should never limit yourself. Read the works of other poets, and learn from them.


2. Practice your poetry writing on a regular basis

As a beginner poet, you will be unfamiliar with key aspects of poetry writing. One key characteristic is the rhythm that is unique to poetry. Getting used to this rhythm may be difficult at first, however, the more you read poetry, the more chances you will have of developing your own poetry style.

The best way to learn how to write poetry, is to practice at a regular basis. Make it a habit to write poems during your writing sessions. The poems don’t all have to be perfect, what’s important is that you get the hang of the poetry writing process. By writing poems on a regular basis, it will be like second nature to you.


3. Be aware of the types of poetry

If you are serious about being a poet, it is important that you are aware of the types of poetry you could write. There are many types of poetry that you could try out. There is Japanese Haiku, which uses only three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and another five in the third. On the other hand, you could try your hand at Limericks or Odes, if you want to create more lengthy poetry. There are multiple of types of poetry, and you should try them all out before you start writing poetry of your own. This will make your poetry a great deal more multi-faceted.


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4. Write poetry about various concepts

Being a first time poet, you will usually want to stick to the more ordinary concepts such as love or the beauty of nature. However, if you want to improve your poetry, you should not be afraid to write about less known concepts. You could write about social or political issues, or anything that is important to you. Remember that the legendary poet Pablo Neruda dabbled in a myriad of concepts in all of his poems.

While you should know the basics of poetry, it is very important that you experiment with your poetry as well. Remember that there have been a multitude of poems that have been written through the years. If you are not going to experiment, there is a chance that your work will be boring and overlooked.


5. Have your peers look through your work

Remember that you are just starting out as a poet, and while it is ok to believe in your writing skills, it is still important that you have your peers go through your work. How will you even know if you are good at poetry, if you don’t show it to other people? Make it a habit to show off your poetry to fellow poets. Have them read your work, and dissect every aspect of your poetry. Are there better words that you could use? How could you improve your poetry? Getting your poems dissected may be somewhat painful, however, it is better to have your shortcomings as a poet pointed out to you.


6. Infuse emotion into your poetry

If you want your poetry to be as impactful as possible, you should make sure to infuse emotions into your poems. Remember that poetry is meant to make people feel a myriad emotions as they read. You should use an active voice as you write your poetry. This will allow the subject to do the action, which will draw the readers into the emotion. It is also a good idea to use metaphors and similes in your writing. By doing so, you will be able to create a great deal of imagery for your readers.



If you just started out in poetry writing, you will understandably not know where to start. In order to improve your poetry writing skills, you will need a set strategy. With these tips, you’ll be able to improve your poetry writing skills a great deal.

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