8 Free Online Platforms That Are Perfect For Newbie Writers

8 online platforms for writers


A key aspect of being a writer is the ability to market your work. This could be tricky, especially if you are a new writer. A great way to do this, is to use online platforms. You should remember that a good number of people use the internet to decide on what products to buy. If you want to expand your ability to market your books and other work, you should look for free online platforms to use. This will allow you to enhance your influence as a writer without spending money.

Here are some free online sites that every newbie writer should use.


1. Joomag

If you want an efficient way to reach out to potential readers, Joomag is a very effective platform. The site boasts an impressive 500,000 users.

The platform boasts a very multifaceted range of services, such as content marketing, corporate communications, sales engagement, and digital publishing.

You will also be able to convert your work to downloadable PDF formats. This will make your work easy to download, and use for offline reading.


2. Medium

This platform is one of the most popular in the world. The platform boasts of a myriad of avid users. What makes the platform such a great tool for writers, is that it allows you to share your writing on an easy to use and sophisticated platform.

Through Medium you could share your work quite easily, and reach out to a myriad of potential readers. If you are going to use Medium, you should remember that the social media site is more suited to the long form type of work, and does not suit quick or short media ads.


3. Yudo

Yudo is a platform that is best suited for photographers and content creators that use various forms of media.

This type of platform is a very potent platform for writers who deal in art, photographs, and other visual arts. The content in this platform is not just limited to photos and illustrations, but videos and audio as well. This makes Yudo a truly great multimedia platform.


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4. Scoop.It

Scoop.It is a very potent resource of published content. The platform is very multifaceted and will allow you to create a myriad of curated content pages.

Through Scoop.It, you will be able to feed your social channels with the best curated content possible. You will also be able to embed your content pages to your website, and utilize content through well-made templates.


5. SubStack

If your main intent as a writer is to gather a loyal readership that will subscribe to your platform, then SubStack is a very potent option. The platform has a myriad of resources that are provided by thousands of writers on a daily basis.

Through SubStack, you will be able to grow your fan base, and attract as many email subscribers as possible. Once you start out as a SubStack writer, you will be offering your articles for free, however, as you gain a fan base, you will have the option to monetize your work.

The important thing to remember when you write for SubStack, is that you will need to make a name for yourself, and consistently offer good quality content. If you do so on a regular basis, you’ll earn money from your work effectively.


6. ArticleBiz

The main draw of the ArticleBiz, is that you will be able to make your articles visible to a myriad of potential publishers. The platform hosts tens of thousands of authors, and holds hundreds of thousands of articles. The platform is quite immense, and will allow you to post a multitude of your works at very little expense.


7. Issuu

If you are interested in creating a digital magazine, and earn from your content as efficiently as possible, then Issuu is the best option for you. The article is very versatile, and provides over 15000 daily updates.

What sets Issuu apart from other platforms, is that you no longer need to use any publishing software. You could also sell your magazines online, and earn money in the long run.


8. Goodreads

When it comes to online platforms, one of the most necessary and affordable sites that you could use is Goodreads. The website is extremely versatile and you could share your book and other works to the rest of the word. The site allows you to review other books, and get great book reviews from other writers. The key to using this site to expand your influence, is to have your book reviewed. If a well-known writer reviews your work, and gives you a good rating, this will increase your work’s value.



If you are a newbie writer, and you want to market your work on a budget, it is a good idea to use free online platforms. With this list, you could market your work in the most effective way possible.


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