6 Highly Effective Memoir Writing Tips for Beginners!


memoir writing tips for beginner writers


If you are thinking of writing a memoir of your very own, you should know that there are a myriad of things you should take account of. This is especially true if you are just starting out as a writer. Being a beginner you would understandably not know where to begin and the process could get confusing fairly quickly. And seeing as memoir writing requires you to write about your experiences as honestly as possible, you will need a set plan on how to write properly.


Here are 6 highly effective memoir writing tips for

beginner writers.

1. Be as honest as possible

If there is one thing you should remember when writing your memoir, it is to be as honest as possible. This is because your readers are giving you the benefit of the doubt. They believe that what you tell them is the truth. They believe that the events that state in your memoir really happened. You can use monikers or change some of the character’s names if you want to preserve their identities. But as for the events and the effect that they have on your life, you should be as truthful as possible.

2. Have a set theme

Aside from being as honest as possible, it is important that your memoir follows a set overall theme. It could be progress, redemption, regret or forgiveness. It can technically be anything you can think of. For example, you are writing a memoir on your childhood. And because you are looking back on your past, the theme of your memoir could be about nostalgia. All in all, it always helps to have a set theme, because it brings all of the memories and recollections together.

3. Choose a specific memory to write about

memories to write about

When you write your memoir, it always helps that you choose a specific set of memories to write about. For example, you are writing about your early teenage years. So the specific memory should encapsulate the entirety of your early years as a teenager. This memory could be the first time you fell in love, first instances of your puberty or the first time you kissed someone.

4. Infuse emotion into your writing

Seeing as memoires take a great deal of introspection to write, it always pays to infuse emotion into your writing. This is because the more emotion you put into your writing, the more likely it will capture your reader’s attentions. It will also make your writing a lot more relatable and can even earn the empathy of your readers. Just make sure that you don’t make your writing too emotional. Because it might come out as cloying or oversentimental.

5. Show your growth as person

It is very important that you show your growth as a person, throughout the entire memoir. Remember that the main reason why your readers even read your memoir, is that they want to know how you evolved as a person. They want to see how the trials and tribulations shaped your perceptions on life. And if you fail to do this, it might annoy your readers, and they will deem your work as irrelevant or pointless. Overall, it always pays to show your growth as a person.

6. Incorporate key people from your life

It is also a good idea to incorporate key people from your life. They will add new dimensions to your memoir, and populate your story. Just remember though, that some people might not feel comfortable about being used as characters in your memoir, so before you add them to your work it is important that you ask for their permission.



Writing a memoir is a great undertaking for any writer, however, it is also a difficult prospect if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, with these tips, you’ll be able to write a great memoir of your very own.


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