5 Easy Ways to Market Your Book in Amazon!

ways to market your book in amazon


Amazon is considered the most successful online retail store in the world. And a myriad of people use it to purchase products online. According to sources over 310 million people use it as a kind of global marketplace. This is why a multitude of companies also use it to sell their products.

So if you are planning on marketing your book, you will need to know how to properly market your book through Amazon. This is because Amazon offers writers the opportunity to market their book for free.

Here are 5 Ways to use Amazon in your book marketing.

1. Strive to get positive book reviews

Book reviews are considered as a form of social affirmation by readers to buy a book. So you should strive to get consistent reviews of your book. One way to find reviewers for your book is to peruse through the review section of books that have the same genre as yours.

There you can find quality reviewers that you can approach. Try to approach them politely and don’t pressure them to review your book. Don’t try to pay them either, because paid reviews have a negative stigma in the publishing industry. If the reviewer does review your work, then thank him or her properly. But if the reviewer does not want to do the review, then don’t feel bad. There are a myriad of reviewers out there, you just need to know where to look.

2. Be fair with your pricing

When you price your book, don’t go overboard with it. Although you do want to earn money with your book, you should know that readers won’t buy a book if it is overpriced. So be realistic when it comes to pricing. If you are a newbie author, you would most likely not have a fan base yet. So don’t try to compete with books that are already established. Instead, you should stick to the price range for up-and coming books. It is better to sell a book for a lower price, than to sell nothing at all.

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3. Create your very own author page

If you want to sell your book effectively, you should create an author platform for yourself. Remember that readers are more likely to buy your book if they could get to know you better. This is where your author page will come in handy. Your author page should contain key details about you. Such as your bio, picture and links to your author blog. That way, potential readers will get to know you better, and get better access to your other works.

4. Use metadata effectively

When it comes to using Amazon to market your book, Metadata is key. This is because the metadata is the text that you use to describe your book and what it is about. It also makes it easy for potential readers to find your book on Amazon. The trick to using Metadata is using keywords. Aside from your book title, subtitle, author, ISBN, format and publication date, you should also use keywords. These are words that potential readers will most likely use to search for your book.

When choosing keywords, you should be extra careful. Take the time to research and think about the likeliest word that potential readers will use to search for your book. Keywords don’t have to be just a single word either. It could also be a phrase. You should avoid using overly general words because it will only make it harder for readers to find your book.  All in all, when it comes to making keywords, you should put a lot of thought and research into it.

5. Create an eye-catching book cover

When it comes to marketing your book through Amazon, it is a good idea to create an eye-catching book cover. Whether you are selling a physical book or an eBook, a great book cover is essential if you want to have your book stand out. For example, a potential buyer is looking through an online bookstore. If your book cover is sub-par, the buyer won’t even take the time to click on your book to peruse it. As a rule, you should make sure that your book cover is as striking as possible.


Amazon is considerably one of the biggest online marketing hubs in the world. If you want to effectively market your book, it is important that you know how to use Amazon in your book marketing. With these tips, you’ll be able to market your work effectively.


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