6 Easy to Follow Tips on How to Make Money

as a Writer!

make money from writing


If you just started as a writer you would think that writing a book is the only way you could make money. This is understandable because pop culture usually portrays writers as authors whose main source of income are from the books they publish. But in truth, there are a good number of ways you could make money as a writer. You just need to know where to look and how to utilize your skills as effectively as possible.

Here are 6 Easy to follow tips on making money as a


1. Content Writing

One of the most popular writing jobs available nowadays are content writing. This job entails the writer to create specialized content for various websites and blogs. These sites usually cater to a certain genre or demographic. So if you are thinking of being a content writer, you should have a multifaceted approach to writing. You should have journalistic writing skills and marketing skills to name just a few. A content writer should also know how to use SEO to make the content easier to find online. Overall, writers could really earn a lot from this job, but you will still need a myriad of writings skills and experience to thrive.

2. Copywriting

Copywriting entails the writer to create write ups and texts for advertisements and publicity. If you are a copywriter, you should know how to string words together efficiently. You should also know how to write snappy and eye-catching phrases. Various companies hire copywriters to create specialized ads for them online and on their publications. All in all copywriting job is a specialized one and requires you to be as effective and efficient a writer as possible.

3. Author blog

having an author blog

In this day and age, it always pays to have an author blog of your very own. Not only does it give you the chance to make your work more accessible to potential readers, it also allows you to make some money in the process. Through your author blog, you could post ads of your work and that of other writers. Just think of your author blog as an online bookstore.

4. Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is any written text wherein a writer uses already established characters, settings and other intellectual property. And if you know how to write fan fiction well, you could stand to earn money from it. Of course you can’t sell fan fiction. This is especially true if you based your work on well-known literary works. But by writing for fan fiction sites, you can hone your craft and create a solid fan base for your work.

5. Writing contests

Writing contests are fun to join and you could also earn a lot of money from them. There are a myriad of writing contest out there and they usually range from short stories, articles, poems Etc. And a good number of literary organizations and publishing companies help finance them. And seeing as the prize money for these contest could really amount to a lot, it usually pays to join them.


6. Scriptwriter

Scriptwriter is another job that a writer could efficiently do. The scriptwriting job entails you to create scripts for online ads, documentaries, and TV shows. Getting a scriptwriting job with well-known companies might not be an option for writers just starting out, however, there are a lot of YouTubers, and mid-level companies always in need of creating their scripts.



Aside from writing books, there are other ways writers could make money. Here are some ways of making money as a writer.


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