10 Idiom Examples That Will Make Your

Writing a Lot More Vibrant!

idiom examples that will make your writing a lot more vibrant


If you want to be a more versatile and effective writer, it always pays to know how to use idioms. This is because idioms are terms that will make your work a lot more colorful and multifaceted. It will also make your writing more entertaining. So if you want to be a truly complete writer, you should look into idioms and know how to effectively use them in all your work.


Here are 10 idiom examples that will make your writing a

lot more vibrant.

idiom examples

1. Kick the bucket

Definition: To die.


  • My computer kicked the bucket a few weeks ago, that’s why I’m looking for a new one now.
  • He hasn’t been the same ever since his uncle kicked the bucket.


2. Spill the beans

Definition: To divulge a secret.


  • He just spilled the beans on the new project.
  • I’m going to spill the beans about your mistress!

3. Cross your fingers

Definition: To hope for good fortune


  • Cross your fingers! They are picking the winner!
  • I am getting the results for my examinations, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


4. It costs an arm and a leg

Definition: To describe something as very expensive.


  • Do you like my shoes? They cost me an arm and a leg.
  • The new car costs Jerry an arm and a leg.


5. A bed of roses

Definition: To be in a very fortunate or easy situation.


  • Gina’s so rich. I’m sure her life is a bed of roses.
  • He grew up as an orphan, so life was not a bed of roses for him.


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6. Through rose colored glasses

Definition: To live with an optimistic and cheery attitude.


  • He’s so in love with her that he’s looking at life through rose colored glasses.
  • She was looking at her job through rose colored glasses.


7. Beat around the bush

Definition: To avoid talking about important matters.


  • The defendant is so infuriating because he keeps beating around the bush!
  • The topic is very important, so don’t beat around the bush with me.


8. Dropped the ball

Definition: To make a mistake.


  • He really dropped the ball, during the speech.
  • Don’t drop the ball now, this is a very important meeting.


9. Break a leg

Definition: A theater term for good luck.


  • This is a very important gig, so break a leg.
  • A lot is hanging on this performance, Break a leg.


10. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there

Definition:  To not worry about a possible future, and just deal with it when it happens.


  • I think it’s really useless to worry about something you can’t change. So we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.
  • Let’s not worry about the state of our relationship. Let’s just cross the bridge when we get there.


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