6 Great Tips for Staying Motivated Throughout the Writing Process!


staying motivated throughout the writing process


If you are writing a book of your very own, you would likely be very excited. And why not? Writing a book is a great experience and not everyone can say that they wrote a book all by themselves. But it is actually finishing the entire book writing process that will prove challenging. This is because the book writing process could be very challenging and it only gets harder in the long run. So before you get started on the book writing process, you should have a strategy.

Here are 6 Great tips for staying motivated throughout the writing process.


1. Have a great work space

have a great workspace

As it was stated earlier, the writing process can take some time. Which is why you should have a good work space.  You will be expected to stay for long periods of time inside your workspace. So you should make sure that your workspace is comfortable, well lit and away from loud noises and other distractions.. Your workspace can be at a café, library, bookstore or your room. What’s important is that your work space should be conducive to writing and you can stay there without going stir crazy.

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2. Look for mentors

If you are just starting out as a writer, creating a book of your very own can be quite a challenge. This is why you should never be too proud to ask for help. Look for mentors who can help you grow as a writer. You can create a writing community and form a rapport with veteran writers. If you have the opportunity to reach out to established authors you should take it. Having a more experienced writer giving you good advice will not only make the writing process more bearable but more enjoyable as well.


3. Be open to criticism

If you want to stay motivated throughout the writing process, you should really be as open to criticism as possible. This is because being a writer entails you to show your work to the world. And there is really no guarantee that everyone who reads your work will like it. There may be times that your work will be criticized and some of these critics can be quite scathing in their criticism. So if you want to stay motivated, you will need to develop a thicker skin. Don’t consider the criticism as an insult, but instead you should consider them as tips on how to improve as a writer.

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4. Read new content every day

Read new content every day

Aside from having a thicker skin, you should also be a wide reader. This is because the more content you read, the more knowledgeable you will be about various topics. This will not only make the book writing process easier, but it will also give you a myriad of ideas to write about. All in all, the more content you read, the better a writer you will be.

5. Don’t burn yourself out

The writing process can take a very long time. And although you may feel motivated during the first few weeks of the writing process, the constant grind of the writing process can get very intense. And there is a chance you might burn yourself out. So if you want to stay motivated throughout the writing process, you should know when to work hard, and when to relax. You should know how to pace yourself. Being a writer is like running a marathon. It takes a great deal of time and effort. And if you rush through it, you are running the risk of burning yourself out. So take things easy, don’t pressure yourself adjust enjoy the writing process. 


publish your stories


6. Go on an adventure

If there is one thing you should remember about writing motivation, is that it is mostly fueled by your own life experiences. So it makes sense that you go on an adventure every once in a while. An adventure does not need to be expensive, life threatening or even far away from your home. It just needs to be something that you usually don’t do. It is a way to break the monotonies of life, and experience new things.


Staying motivated as a writer could be a difficult prospect. It is a long and arduous journey with many pitfalls that could sap your love for writing. With these tips, you’ll be able to stay motivated throughout the writing process.

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