7 Tips on How to Read Like a Writer



If you are going to be a professional writer, it is important that you know how to read like a writer. What does reading like a writer mean? It is the ability to read content, and be able to break it down, take the best aspects, and improve your own writing in the process.

People who are not writers just consume content and not really think much of it. However, a true writer reads content, and will use it as a reference and a means to improve his or her own skills. Reading like a writer is not an easy task though. It takes a bit of time, effort, and a plan.

Here are seven tips on how to read like a writer.


1. Be thorough

When it comes to reading like a writer, it is important that you have a thorough outlook. Don’t just skim over the content. This is very careless, and you will miss all the nuances that the writer has put into his or her work.

If you are going to read any new content, it is important that you have this mindset. Don’t be in a hurry to finish reading the content. You have to actually enjoy reading it, and be as immersed in the content as possible.


2. Look at the technical aspects of every content

Aside from looking at the theme and the plot of the content you are reading, it is important that you separate the technical aspects as well. Remember that a story could have a good concept, and yet the actual execution of the idea is subpar.

Take the time to look through the sentences. How are the sentences written? What is the writer’s writing style like? Is it efficient? Is it slow or pedantic? Try to take note of any kind of nuances in the content that you are reading.  This will open new methods of writing to you.


3. Write down the key concepts

Even if you have a good memory, and a keen eye for details, you should still write down the key concepts that you encounter. You will be delving deep into the content even further. You will be encountering more and more concepts, and you won’t be able to keep track of all of them. By listing them down, you’ll be able to remember these concepts, and have the option to incorporate them into your own writing sessions.


4. Read a lot of reviews

If the content you are reading has reviews on it, you should take the time to read it as well. Remember that your reaction to a specific content could be different to other readers. By comparing your own perception with other readers, you will have a more informed take on the work.
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5. Analyze every aspect of the content

As you read new content, it is important that you analyze every aspect of the content. This is especially important if you are reading a long story or even a novel. These types of contents are made up of various elements, and each one is needed in order for a story to make sense. The elements of a story are the plot, setting, characters, conflict, point of view, and theme. By analyzing these specific criteria, you will have a more systematic way of reading the content.


6. Get in touch with your emotions

Reading content, especially a story requires you to actually feel emotions. Open yourself to the content you read. Try to put yourself into every character’s shoes. Feel what they feel. Experience every event that they go through. If the stakes are high, be invested in them and root for the characters to succeed. By being more empathic, you will be able to learn more from every content you read.


7. Reread the content

If you want to get a better handle on any content, it is best that you reread the content. This does not mean that you have to read the article, poem, or novel from scratch. Once you have finished with a sentence or paragraph, you should take the time to go over that bit of content again. Remember, if you are reading content for the first time, you may overlook some things, so it makes sense that you reread the content.



When it comes to improving as a writer, it is important that you know how to actually read as a writer. To be able to actually “read” like a writer could be tricky though. With these tips, you’ll be able to read any kind of content, and use it to enhance your own writing skills.

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