5 Effective Tips on How to Promote Your Book

on Instagram!

how to promote your book on instagram


In the past few years, Instagram has become quite a popular social media site. This is because a huge number of people use this media site on a daily basis to share videos and images all over the world. So if you are thinking of promoting a book of your very own, you should really make Instagram a constant part of your book promotion campaign. But if you really wish to make Instagram a part of your book promotion campaign, you should really have a set strategy.

Here are 5 Effective tips on how to promote your books on Instagram.


1. Know your target market

know your target market

Before you set out and market your book through Instagram, you should already know your target market. This is important because by knowing your target market, you will be to pattern your writing and online marketing strategy according to their preferences. When choosing a target market, you should base your choice according to your genre and how you wish to present your work through Instagram. Your target market should also be a factor on what type of images you show through your Instagram feed. All in all, your target market is a very big factor during the book marketing campaign. So you should do your best to identify your target market.


2. Reach out to influencers

One way to effectively use Instagram is to reach out to other online influencers. This is effective because in this day and age, word of mouth marketing is very popular. And if you can have a popular influencer to mention your book or to post a picture of your book through their Instagram account, your book will get a big boost in publicity. In many ways, a good word from an influencer can be as effective as positive book review. So try to reach out to influencers such as professional book reviewers, established authors and online periodicals. Send them copies of your work and ask for their honest opinions. And if they give you a positive review, you can post the review through your own Instagram account. And if the influencer could post this review through his or her own Instagram account, then you can reach out to an already established community and increase your book’s online discoverability at the same time.

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3. Reach out to potential readers

When it comes to online marketing, the trick is to interact with your potential readers as much as possible. So don’t just post pictures of your book or writing projects. Try to truly interact with other Instagram users. Like and comment on their pictures. Follow other writers and comment about their posts. Try to form a rapport with them and show a sincere interest in them. Try to refrain from selling your book because it may make you look fake or enterprising. When it comes to getting a solid fan base through Instagram, it is important that you take your time and forge genuine friendships with potential readers.


4. Posts on a regular basis

Posts on a regular basis

Aside from forming a solid rapport with fellow writers and potential readers it is important that you consistently post new content through your Instagram account. Remember that there are a multitude of Instagram feeds out there. So if someone follows you, this means that you caught their attention. So the main objective now is to keep their attention. So make it a habit that you posts new pictures and videos about your work on a regular basis. Of course you don’t really need to post something new every hour of the day. 1 or 2 posts are sufficient. You just need to update your followers on what writing project you are currently doing.

5. Post your best images

Seeing as Instagram is predominantly an image sharing site, it is imperative that the images you use are of the best quality possible. Remember that your Instagram account is meant to entice potential readers to purchase your book. So when you take pictures of your product, they should be as “Instagram-worthy” as possible. Try out various framing and picture techniques such as flat-lays and filters to add depth and personality to your images.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, and various companies use it to promote their products. With these useful tips, you’ll be able to market your book in the most effective way possible.


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