How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 7 Great Tips To Get You Started

how to overcome writer's block


Whether you are a newbie writer or a veteran, you could still suffer from writer’s block. What is writer’s block? It is a condition wherein a writer cannot create new content no matter how hard he or she tries.

This is a frustrating condition because there is no set way to overcome it. However, there are some great ways that could help alleviate and even get rid of it.

Here are some great tips that will help you in overcoming writer’s block.


1. Don’t force yourself to write

Some writers seem to think that you could just power through writer’s block. This may seem like good advice; however, it is in fact very damaging to you as a writer. Writer’s block is a mental condition that stops you from creating content.

Technically, the writing muses are quiet, and you don’t have the inspiration to write. Take this time to get your thoughts in order, and not think about the writing process for a while. Aside from not thinking about writing, you may also use relaxation methods such as meditation or Tai chi. You could also try your hand at various hobbies to clear your mind of stress.


2. Give yourself time to reassess your writing goals

Aside from slowing down on your writing, you should also take the time to reassess your writing goals. You should know what you are writing for. Take a piece of paper and just write down your writing goals.  By writing down your writing goals, you will have a list of the goals that you want to achieve. Your goals will no longer be thoughts at the back of your mind. They will be right there in front of you. This will serve as a checklist for you. Choose the writing goals that you deem achievable and take out the ones that are unrealistic. By doing so, you will be able to lessen the pressure on yourself and work on goals that you believe you could achieve.


3. Talk about your issues

Suffering from writer’s block is a real mental condition, and you should not feel ashamed. If you feel that you should talk to people about your writer’s block, then don’t hesitate to reach out. Remember that nobody is an island. Human beings are social creatures, and we take comfort from the feeling that someone is on our side.


4. Read great content

A great way to alleviate writer’s block, is to get inspired. If you are inspired, you will be able to write more and actually enjoy the process. You don’t need to finish reading a new novel every day. What matters is that you open yourself to new content at a daily basis. This content could be a novel, a short article, or a poem. By doing so, you will have a fountain of writing inspiration to draw from.


5. Exercise

While exercise will not really help you improve technically as a writer, it is still a great way for you to get rid of stress. Being stressed out is a factor in writer’s block. If you are stressed out, you will not be motivated to write. Instead, you will feel lethargic and not have the urge to write.

You should try to exercise on a daily basis. This does not mean that you should do a full workout session every day. A quick walk around the block, or a short session with weights is good enough. What matters is that you move and sweat as much as possible.


6. Write a journal

Although you should not force yourself to write new content, this does not mean that you should distance yourself from the writing process entirely. A great way to slowly ease into the writing process is to write a journal. By writing a journal, you will have the opportunity to write about your day-to-day activities and hone your writing skills. You will also not feel the need to create great content. Aside from helping you get back your writing motivation, it is also a great way to calm yourself down during times of stress.


7. Be kind to yourself

As you struggle to write, there will be times where you will be annoyed with yourself. You may even think of yourself as a failure as a writer. However, you should not think this way. Remember that even the greatest writers in the world have experienced their fair share of challenges, and also suffered from writer’s block.



As a writer, there will be times where you will suffer from writer’s block. This is common for writer, but could still be distressing if not addressed. With these tips, you’ll at least know how to overcome writer’s block.

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