Tips on How to Get Started On Your Story




If you just started out as a writer, it may be a bit difficult to start on a story. Remember that writing a story takes planning and skill in order to get your reader’s attention. Before you start on a story, you will need to have a set strategy. Here are some of the best ways to start a story.

Answer the essential questions

Before you start writing your story, it is important that you answer the five questions. Why? Where? Who? When? And What?

You should know why you are writing this story. Is the central concept dear to your heart? Does it have a significance to you as a person? Aside from that, you should also make sure you know where the story will take place. Take the time to choose the place the story will take place, and make sure the place contributes to the overall story.

You should also know who you are writing the book for. Who are your target market? By knowing your target market, you will have a guide on how you should write your story.

Make sure to decide when the story does take place. The timeline should complement your overall storyline, and you should be as accurate to the timeline as possible. If you are going to write a story that takes place in the 19th Century, then you should make sure the places, buildings, and people are accurate to the era. You must also know what you are writing about.

What is your overall story really about? What are the key concepts you will be tackling. By answering these essential questions, you will be able to delve into the writing process with a clear mind.


Plot out your story

Aside from answering the essential questions for your story, it is important that you plot out every aspect of your story. As you start writing your story, you may get engrossed in the process, and if you don’t plot out your story, there is a chance that you will lose track of the overall storyline. Take the time to map out the beginning, middle, and the conclusion of your story. A great way to do so, is to write down your overall plot. The plot line should have all the important events, and twist and turns in the story.


Come up with a great central theme

A very important aspect of starting your story, is the central theme. You should choose a great central theme before you start writing the story. Your central theme is the key concept that you will anchor your overall story to. When you choose a central theme for your story, you should do so wisely. Your central theme should be memorable, and intrigue your readers. It should also be interesting enough to use throughout your story.


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The setting is key

Before you start writing your story, you should make sure that you plot out the settings for your story. If you write your story without knowing your setting, there is a chance that you’ll get confused during the writing process. To make the process easier for you, it is important that you list down all the key locations that your story will take place. You should give a detailed description of the settings for each phase of the story. You should also list down the events and the characters that may take part in the scene.


Create a great cast of characters

When it comes to writing a story, your characters are by far the most important aspects. Remember that your characters are an integral part of your story. Your readers will usually see the story through your character’s eyes. A great way to write great characters, is to write a character list.

You should make sure that this list should contain all the physical descriptions, personalities, and backstories of your characters. You should also write down all your character’s motivations. By having this detailed character list, you will have a great guide that will enable you to write truly great characters for your story. Remember, the better written your characters, the easier you will be able to write a story.


Craft intriguing dialogue

When you write your story, you should make sure you craft intriguing dialogue for your characters. Remember that your dialogue is a way for you to add depth and color to your scenes. Writing dialogue for your characters requires you to give each of them a specific accent and way of talking. If they sound the same, then your scenes will sound monotone and not really be worth reading about. When you write your dialogue, you should make sure that your characters have unique voices, remove conversational fillers and create their lines to advance the story, set the scene, and foreshadow or remind your readers of something else.



When it comes to knowing the best ways to start a story, it is important that you follow a set strategy. Only by having one, will you be able to fully implement your writing concepts, and get started on the writing process. With these tips, you’ll be able to write a truly great story.

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