How to Earn a Living as a Writer



If you are thinking of working as a professional writer, you should know that it is not an easy prospect. Remember that being a writer is not really the most stable job in the world. However, it is in not impossible. You just need to be more resourceful.  You will also need a set strategy.

Here are key tips for earning a living as a writer.


1. Traditionally published writer

If you are going to be a professional writer, the most obvious path you could take up is traditional publishing. This option has the most chances for earning money. However, it is a multi-faceted process, and will take a lot of time and effort in order for you to gain success.

How much could you earn?

If you are going to take up traditional publishing, you should know that your earning potential really depends on how many copies of your book you sell. When it comes to succeeding, you will need to be very discerning of your choice of traditional publishers. Remember, the more well-established your publishing house, the more chances you will have of selling your books.


2. Self-published writer

While being a traditionally published writer is the main goal for most writers, it is not the only option. The main setback of working with a traditional publishing house, is the fact that you will need to wait for a publishing deal. However, there is no guarantee that you will get a publishing deal right away. You will also need to share the rights and royalties to your book with the publisher. If you don’t like to work with a traditional publisher, you could always self-publish your work. By doing so, you will be able to publish your book according to your wishes and keep all the rights and royalties for your book.

How much could you earn?

When it comes to earning money as a self-published writer, your success usually depends on you. If you are going to work with a traditional publishing house, you will be subject to the whims of the publishing house. On the other hand, if you are going to publish a book by yourself, you will be able to control the whole publishing process, and keep the royalties for yourself. As a whole, your earnings will still depend on how many books you sell.

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3. Content writer

This is a popular job for freelance writers. There are a multitude of organizations that have their own websites, and they need well-written content to fill these platforms. If you want to earn money as a writer, content writing is a very good option. The key to earning money as a content writer, is to get the right clients and managing your workload.

How much could you earn?

Your earning potential depends on various factors. A key factor is your employer. If you have a full-time employer, you will usually be paid by the hour. In the United States, the average salary per hour for content writers is $30, however, it could further increase as you gain seniority in your job. If you are doing freelance writing, you will be able to work at a per project basis, and be paid per word, or per article. Both the full-time and freelance options are relatively lucrative.


4. Copywriter

get paid to write

As a copywriter, you will be expected to create write ups and blurbs for various platforms. This job position requires you to have great creative writing skills, and be efficient with your word choices. You should also be as versatile as possible, because a lot of companies use copywriters to advertise their products, so you should learn to get the gist of their products and services quickly.

How much could you earn?

As a copywriter, you could earn as a freelance or full-time writer. It usually depends on your schedule preferences. If you are going to work as full-time copywriter, you are paid by the hour. The average hourly rate in the US is $28.41, but could go higher the more experience you get.


5. Script writer

If you like writing scripts and plays in your spare time, maybe you will want to work as a script writer. This writing job entails you to create scripts for various clients such as podcasters, YouTubers, and even established advertising companies.

How much could you earn?

You could work as a freelance or full-time scriptwriter, and the pay usually ranges from $26 for beginner scriptwriters, to $40 to experienced ones. The common hourly rate though, is around $31.




If you are going to be a professional writer, you will need to be as efficient as possible. Remember that you will have to earn a living through your writing skills. This type of profession could be a bit unpredictable. If you want to do well, you will need to have a plan, and have a realistic explanation on how much you could earn. With this article, you will be supplied with the knowledge on how to earn a living as a writer.

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