6 Effective Grammar Tips for Newbie Writers

grammar tips for newbie writers


If you just started out as a professional writer, there would most likely be a myriad of things you will have to learn. One key factor that you should be very careful with, is your grammar. Although proper grammar is one of the most basic aspects of writing, it is definitely not the easiest to learn. There are so many rules that you have to follow and remember. So before you do any serious writing like writing a book or writing a short article, you should know how to use proper grammar.


Here are 6 highly effective grammar tips for newbie



1. Keep it short and concise

Some new writers have the misconception that the more words you use, the better your writing will be. But if you want to make your writing more effective, you should keep it short and concise as well. This is because shorter sentences will make your writing easier to understand. It also lessens any chances of making any grammatical errors in the process. Overall, if you want to achieve clarity in your writing, it always pays to keep your writing short and sweet.



2. Don’t use adverbs as a crutch

One common grammatical mistake, is using adverbs as a crutch. Adverbs are modifiers and are effective if used properly. Sadly most newbie writers use them as a crutch. Using too many adverbs is a sign of lazy and uninventive writing. Using adverbs also saps out the emotion and makes your writing messy and repetitive. So make it a habit to use only one or two adverbs per 300 words.


3. Read your work aloud

Bad grammar is one of the main setbacks of being too engrossed in the writing process. This is why you should take a step back every once in a while, and read your work aloud. This will allow you to take a more measured look at your writing. Reading your work aloud will allow you to spot grammatical errors and clunky wordplay.


4. Use semicolons properly

Semicolons are very helpful because they can be used to connect two sentences. Some writers use semicolons incorrectly though. The main rule of semicolons is that the sentences should be closely related. This means that the two sentences should share the same idea.


5. Take things nice and slow

One of the worst things you can do during the writing process, is to rush it. Remember that writing takes time to do properly. Not only do you need to create great content, you will also need to constantly check your grammar, spelling and other aspects of the writing process. So make it habit to slow down during the writing process.
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6. Keep an eye on your capitalization

Aside from learning how to properly string words together, it is also important that you know which words to capitalize. The rules are straightforward. You should capitalize the first word of a sentence. Names and pronouns should be capitalized as well.  The first word of quotes should also be capitalized.  You could also capitalize days and months. Seasons could only be capitalized if it is used as part of a proper noun. Titles, countries, languages, and cities should also be capitalized. These rules might be a lot to remember, but  it pays to understand them in the long run.



Grammar is one of the key aspects of writing, and in order for you to write properly, you should master it to the best of your ability. Learning proper grammar can be difficult, but with these great tips you can get started the right way.

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