How to Get Your Short Stories Published



If you are thinking of writing a collection of short stories and having them published, you should have a set strategy. Remember that there are many writers who want to have their short stories published.

If you are going to have your short story collection published, you should have a set plan. Who knows? This short story may get you discovered by publishers. Before you start fantasizing though, you should have a set plan.

Here are some great tips on how to publish your short stories.


1. Through online platforms

If you are just starting out as a writer, you will understandably not have a fan base yet. In these instances, you should utilize any avenue that comes your way. Why not try online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest?

These platforms are often frequented by a multitude of people, and they are a great way to get much needed attention for your work. Should you choose to use online platforms to publish your short stories, you should make sure that you have your short story copyrighted. You don’t want people to use your short story without your permission, or even worse profit from it. Remember that this strategy is not the end result. It is merely a means to an end. It is a way to get the attentions of potential publishers in the future.


2. Through Your Author Blog

If you want to make a name for yourself as a writer, you should really start with an author blog. The best thing about an author blog, is that you are given a platform to show off your work. If you are going to use an author blog for your short stories, you should make sure that it is as easy to discover as possible. You should also make the blog as aesthetically pleasing as well. This will also help draw people to your blog.


3. Traditional publishing

When most writers write any type of content, a publishing deal with a traditional publishing house is always the main goal. This makes sense, though. Traditional publishing houses are very well-established, and could give your book all the financial and marketing support that it will need.

If you are going to have your short stories published by a traditional publisher, you should make sure that the publisher is trustworthy. Remember that not all publishing houses will give you a good deal for your work.

They may not even be able to publish your book the way you want. Before you send out your work to any publishing house, you should at least double check their background and their track record. Aside from being careful with your choice of publishing houses, you should be patient as well. Remember that the more established publishing houses are very picky about what works they will publish, so you should expect a little bit of rejection before you get your short stories published.


4. Self-publishing

While a majority of writers want are always looking to have their works published by traditional publishers, they are not the end all, and be all. If you want to publish your short stories without having to wait for a traditional publisher to choose your work, you could always have your work self-published. Just remember that the self-publishing process is not an easy prospect. You will have to do most of the work for yourself, and pay for the process as well. If you are going to self-publish your short stories, you should do your research first.

Take the time to learn how to have your short stories edited, and the best printing services available. If you lack the budget to self-publish a physical copy of your short story collection, you could always try eBook. This will cut out the need to print out physical copies. If you do have the budget, you should really reach out to self-publishing companies. These companies are more than capable with helping you self-publish your short stories.

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When it comes to publishing a short story collection of your very own, you should have a set plan. Remember that getting anything published could be quite a challenge. With these tips, you’ll be able to have your short stories published effectively.

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