6 Unique Sources That You Could Gain Writing

Inspiration From

unique sources of writing inspiration


Being a writer can be a hard prospect because it is a full time job. And if you don’t have the right motivation, it could be very difficult to continue your writing journey. This is especially true if you are going to write professionally or publish a book of your very own. This is because there is no way of knowing whether you will be a success. And this uncertainty can make you lose your motivation to write in the long run. So before you set out on your writing journey, you should find sources of inspiration. By having the inspiration to draw from, you could stay motivated throughout your entire writing career.

Here are 6 unique sources that you could gain writing

inspiration from.

1. Meaningful conversations

One great source of inspiration for writers, are meaningful conversations. This is because having a conversation that you really enjoy is a really stimulating feeling. And it could really get your creative juices flowing. So make it a habit and have a conversation that really brings you joy. You can converse with a family member, a friend or a total stranger. Spark up a conversation in a café or in the park. You can talk about your life experiences, pop culture and philosophy practically anything under the sun.

2. Nature

nature - great source of writing inspiration

Yet another great source of writing inspiration is nature. The great author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau himself, usually spent most of his time in the woods contemplating life and writing. So take a leaf from his book and go out into nature once in a while. Camp out in the woods, enjoy the rain and just appreciate all the beauty and wonders that nature could bring.

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3. Cafes

Although cafes may seem like a cliché as a source of inspiration, it really does deliver. This is because cafes are a breeding ground for artists, poets and creative. And although you may get the occasional hipster once in a while, there are real artists in cafes and being around them and their creativity is really a great way to gain inspiration.

4. Social media

social media - a great source of inspiration

Although social media could be a bit toxic in large doses, it could still be a great source of inspiration. This is because fellow writers and creative posts their thoughts and work through social media. And if you happen to come upon their works and it inspires you to create great work of your very own, then slogging through social media will be worth it.

5. Mediation

Although meditation is usually viewed as a mental exercise for some people, It is still a great way to gain insight and inspiration for your writing.  So make it a habit to meditate for at least 15 or 30 minutes a day. This will not only clear your mind of anxiety, it will also open your mind to new perspectives and concepts. Overall, mediation is a great way to hone your mind and stay motivated as a writer.


6. Poetry

Poetry is yet another way you could gain writing inspiration. The writing process could get a bit boring in the long run. So it does not really hurt to try out other forms of writing. By reading and writing poetry before you start your usual writing process, you will have a change of pace. You will also be more inspired to create great work.



While being a professional writer might seem like a glamorous job, it is also a difficult one. Remember that you are expected to create great content on a daily basis, and there will be times where you don’t feel like writing. So you will need to find the inspiration to write consistently. Here are 6 sources of writing inspiration.



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