7 Essential Tips for Dealing With Doubt as a


tips for dealing with writer’s doubt


Being a writer can be a stressful endeavor. This is because you are technically baring your soul to the world. Your artistry, your skills and your perceptions on life are there for the world to see. And not all your readers will be kind in their reactions to your work. Some critics can be cruel and they can even give out mean spirited criticism. So it can be daunting for anyone to start as a writer. This is why some writers develop self-doubt during the writing process. And this self-doubt can be very harmful if you are thinking of writing professionally one day. But if you want to be a truly complete writer and reach your full writing potential, you will need to know how to effectively deal with self-doubt.

Here are 7 Essential tips for dealing with writer’s doubt.

1. Understand that self-doubt is a normal reaction

If you are a newbie writer, you will most likely have some doubts on your skills as a writer. In truth, some veteran writers have also gone through a degree of self-doubt. But whether you are a newbie writer or a veteran one, you should know one thing. That it is a normal reaction and nothing to be ashamed of. This is because all writers have their own insecurities. It shows that you are human, and that you have your own obstacles to face. What’s important is that you admit your shortcomings and strive to achieve great things as a writer.

2. Master the basics

master the basics

One way you could overcome your self-doubt as a writer is to master the basics. This is because the basics are the foundation of every aspect of writing. You can’t write a book successfully if your grammar, spelling and other facets of the book writing process are lacking. So if you want to gain confidence with yourself as a writer, it is important that you master the basics.

3. Enhance your vocabulary

Aside from mastering the basics of writing, it is also important that you enhance your vocabulary. This is because the more words you know, the more multifaceted and deeper your writing will be. So before you even think of writing professionally, you should really expand your vocabulary. Learn as many words as you can every day, and try to use them in your work. Overall. The more words that you can bring to bear, the more confident you will be of your work.

4. Learn from your mistakes

It goes without saying that you will make mistakes throughout your writing career. And some of these mistakes may be minimal, while some mistakes may be quite dire. But no matter the level of mistake you make, what’s important is that you accept that you made a mistake, and that you learn from them. That way, you will be able to improve your skills and not commit the same mistake all over again.

5. Learn relaxation techniques

learn relaxation techniques

One of the main reasons why writers develop self-doubt is because of stress. They stress over their writing, the topics they choose and whether or not their work will be received well. So if you want to overcome your self-doubt, you will need to know how to handle stress. You will need to know how to relax. Try out mediating techniques, workout or just do anything that helps you relax.

6. Befriend other writers

Many writers have always viewed the writing process as a lonely journey. This is because they consider writing as a solitary activity that you will have to do alone. But in truth, the writing process need not be a lonely one. In fact, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can make the writing process more fun and inviting. So try to befriend other writers and hold group writing sessions. You will not only have great companions to get great advice from, but also much needed moral support that will help you overcome your self-doubt.


7. Attend Writing Workshops

If you want to manage your doubts as a writer, it is a good idea to attend writing workshops. By attending writing workshops, you will be able to learn new writing techniques and enhance your writing repertoire. Overall, the more refined your writing skills, the more confident you will be throughout the entire writing process.



As a writer, it is understandable that you have doubts about your abilities. It is a normal part of being a writer, however, if you want to succeed as a writer, you will need to face your doubts. With these tips, you’ll be able to overcome your doubts.


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