5 Challenges That Self-Publishers Face and to Overcome Them!


5 challenges that self-publishers face


Self-publishing is a relatively new publishing option. But despite this, it has become quite popular in most publishing circles. This is because self-publishing grants readers opportunities that other publishing options do not. Such as overall control of the book publishing process. Not to mention the fact that authors get to keep a majority of the rights to their books. But as great as self-publishing can be, it can still be a very difficult prospect. This is because self-publishing comes with its own limitations. And if you are adamant in using it as a publishing option, you should know the obstacles involved.

Here are 5 Challenges that self-publishers face and how

to overcome them.

1. Budgeting

Before you even think of taking the self-publishing route, you should know one thing. That you will be expected to pay for the entire publishing process yourself. And it can be a costly endeavor. Because despite the many book publishing innovations out there, it can still be a very expensive prospect. And if you don’t know how to handle your funds, you might end up getting into debt or stopping the book publishing process altogether.


The book publishing process can be pricey. But this does not mean that you can’t overcome this challenge. All you need is the right budget plan. Before you even start the book publishing, you should do your research on the best and most affordable publishing services out there. You should also be honest with yourself. Take a look into your bank account. Do you have enough money to support yourself throughout the book publishing process? Do you have the funds to finance both the printing and book marketing process? Do you have the money to quit your job and fully devote yourself to the writing process? All in all, you will need to be as honest with yourself about your funds. This is because you will be devoting a great deal of time and money into the process. And it would be such a waste if you start the book publishing process and stop halfway because you ran out of money.


2. Writer’s block


One of the worst things that can happen to you as a writer is writer’s block. This is because writer’s block can stop you from creating new work.  And seeing as there is no way of knowing how long it will last, it can impede the publishing process a great deal. It can also lead to frustration for some writers, and even lead them to give up on the entire publishing process.


Although there is no set solution for overcoming writer’s block, there are some ways you can alleviate the effects of writer’s blocks. One good way to do this, is to step away from the writing process for a few days. The writer’s block could be caused by the stress of writing a book. So taking some time off could help you regain your zest for writing and hopefully break out of your writer’s block. You can also alleviate writer’s block by exercising, changing your environment, just doing something that you enjoy and relaxes you. All in all, writer’s block is closely related to stress. So taking the time to de stress is a great way to get rid of writer’s block.


3. Book design

Although this may sound shallow, your book design can really affect how your potential readers perceive your book. It can also affect whether or not they buy your book. This is because your book cover design is the very first thing they will see. And if your book cover design is not good quality your readers will see right away. And seeing as there are a multitude of other books in the market, it can be difficult to make an impact with potential readers.


Creating a book cover design as a self-published author can be a difficult prospect. This is because a lot depends on the attractiveness of the book cover. And seeing as you will have to pay for the book cover design process, you will be tempted to create the design yourself. But if you really care about your book cover, you should really do your best to have the book designed by a professional. It might be a bit expensive, but seeing as your book cover can mean the difference between your book being a success or a failure.  You should really think of having it done by a professional.


4. Book marketing

book marketing

The book marketing process is the most volatile and expensive aspect of the book publishing process. This is because there are a myriad of media forms that you can use to market your book. And most traditional media forms are usually expensive. There is also the fact that there is no guarantee that your book marketing campaign will work. So the book marketing process is really a gamble. And seeing as you don’t have a publishing house to finance your work, you will have to pay for the entire marketing process yourself.


Seeing as you are self-published author, you will have to find alternative ways to market your book. This is because traditional social media forms are expensive and you will have a hard time financing this kind of book marketing. Here are some alternative book marketing tricks you can use.

5. Brand Recognition

When it comes to self-publishing a book, one of the most difficult challenges is brand recognition. This is especially difficult if you just started out as a writer. You will understandably not have a fan base yet. So it is imperative, that you invest time and resources in getting recognized. However, you should be careful, because time and resources are valuable and you should not waste them on risky strategies.


When it comes to brand recognition, consistency is key. You just can’t post one ad through social media, and expect to get famous overnight. You will have to work at it, and make sure that all your marketing methods are effective. Stay away from traditional marketing methods, because they are predominantly expensive, and are usually not effective. It is better if you invest in social media, because most social media sites are technically free to use, and a majority of people around the world use them on a regular basis.



Self-publishing a book of your very own is a challenging endeavor. Especially if you are publishing for the very first time. By knowing the challenges involved, you’ll be able to self-publish in the best way possible.

There are many potential obstacles to face during the self-publishing process. But with Writers Republic you can publish your book the right way.

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