7 Book Marketing Lessons That Every Self-

Published Author Needs!

book marketing lessons self-published authors needs

If you are a self-published writer, you would know how difficult it is to market a book of your very own. This is because being a self-published writer entails you to do most of the work yourself. You will also have to pay for the entire process yourself. So if you want to market your book in the best way possible, you should have a set plan. That way you will know where to start.

Here are 7 Book marketing lessons that every self-

published author needs.

1. Have a set budget

Before you set out and market your book, you should really have a budget. This is because the book marketing process could take a great deal of money. And if you don’t have a set budget, you may end up spending too much on the book marketing process. This is especially important for self-published writers because every penny counts. So before you start the book marketing process, you should have a set budget and follow it to the letter.

2. Know your target market

Aside from having a set budget, you should also identify your target market. By knowing your target market, you will be able to pattern your writing and book marketing according to their preferences. It could also save you from wasting valuable time and resources on uninterested demographics. Overall, knowing your target market will make the book marketing process so much easier.

3. Establish a name for yourself as a writer

It is important that you establish your reputation as a writer long before you release your book. This is because the more established you are as a writer, the more chances you will have of selling your book. So try your best to make your writing as discoverable as possible. You can write for various online periodicals. You could also show off your work to various writing communities. Overall, the more widely spread your work, the more effective your book marketing will.

4. Have a book publishing schedule

have a book publishing schedule

If you are going to publish a book by yourself, you should have a book publishing schedule. Remember that you won’t have an editor or literary agent to give you deadlines. So before you set out and publish a book by yourself, you should make a book publishing schedule. That way, you could keep track of your progress throughout the publishing process.

5. Have your work reviewed

Book reviews are a great book marketing tool because they act as a form of social affirmation for potential readers. So if you want your work to gain attention with potential readers you should really have your work reviewed.  You can have family and friends review your work. But if you truly want your work to gain attention you should reach out to more established authors. They might be harder to get a hold of, and they might be harder to impress. But a positive review from them could really jumpstart your career.

6. Stay positive throughout the entire process

Seeing as you have a lot of competition to contend with, it can get really difficult in the long run. And the uncertainty can really test your willpower. But as difficult as things may get you should have a positive outlook on the book marketing process. Remember that great writers like J.R.R Tolkien and Stephen King had to start somewhere. So just do your best and keep moving forward.


7. Get help from other writers

When it comes to marketing your book, it is important that you reach out to other writers for help. Remember that marketing a book could be quite a challenge. So you will need to reach out to your fellow writers for help. Contact veteran writers and ask for their advice. You could also ask them to post reviews of your work on their social media accounts. These writers are under no obligation to help you, so if they agree to help, you should show them that you are grateful.


Running a book marketing campaign is a difficult job. It is even more difficult if you are a self-published writer because you will have to do most of the work yourself. Luckily, with these tips you’ll be able to market your book as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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